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Ice Ribbon’s Knights of Ribbon Review – 09.24.2022

2 years ago

Ice Ribbon’s Knights of Ribbon Review – 09.24.2022

By: Abid Chowdhury

Knights of Ribbon is one of Ice Ribbon’s big PPV shows, taking place from the legendary Korakuen Hall. This is also the final Korakuen until Ribbon Mania which is Ice Ribbon’s biggest show of the year. Every Ice Ribbon championship title was on the line. The Triangle Ribbon Championship which is defended in 3 way matches, International Ribbon Tag Team Championship, and the Ice x∞ (Cross Infinity) Championship. 

(1) Kicking off Korakuen Hall with a 6 women’s tag match. A mother to two kids, Kiku teamed with the tag team “Big Dekai” Totoro Satsuki and Yuna Manase from Ganbare Pro Wrestling. Against the team of 13 year old rookie Saran, Sumika Yanagawa from JTO, and YuuRI who is also from Ganbare Pro Wrestling. YuuRi made her Ice Ribbon Korakuen Hall debut. This was a fun quick match to open up Korakuen Hall. Totoro Satsuki wins via submission at 9 minutes after Saran submits. 

(2) The 2nd match is an 8 women’s tag match, featuring Dalys from CMLL teaming with “Infinite Potential” Kaho Matsushita and GalaxyPunch! (“Peerless Songstress of Ehime” Hikari Shimizu and “Mild, Wild, Kawild”) SAKI. They face the unit known as RebelxEnemy (Ram Kaichow from Pro Wrestling 666, “Deathmatch Amazoness” Rina Yamashita, “Powerlifting Girl” Maika Ozaki and “Crystal Snow” Maya Yukihi).

The match featured fantastic kicking exchanges between Hikari and Kaho against Yukihi. One moment where Yukihi is doing her signature strike combo, and as she is going for the finishing blow with a roundhouse kick, Kaho blocks and hits her own roundhouse kick.

This was a fun tag match. Maya Yukihi pins Hikari Shimizu around 13 minutes. 

(3) On September 10, 2022 “Profound Mystery” Yuuki Mashiro announced she was making her return from injury on September 17th, 2022. While she was making this announcement, she was challenged by the manager of Makoto, Matsuzawa-san and Cherry. The last time Mashiro defended her Triangle Ribbon Championship was on May 4th at Yokohama Budokan 2.

The Triangle Ribbon Championship is defended under a 15 minute time limit, and a title that is only defended within 3 way matches.

Mashiro requested Matsuzawa-san to show off how much she’s learned while preparing for this match. She obliges, and shows off the rolls within the ring, a quick back bump, along with running the ropes. 

As she’s tired, Mashiro takes advantage of this and goes for the pin until Cherry breaks the pin. The comedic antics continued between all 3 competitors until Mashiro pinned Matsuzawa-san to successfully defend her championship.

This was a fun comedy match. Mashiro successfully defends her championship after pinning Matsuzawa-san at 9 minutes and 56 seconds. 

(4) On April 30, 2022 Kyuuri made her return to pro-wrestling by having an exhibition match teaming with her tag team partner Maika Ozaki reuniting as Gekokujo against the Dropkickers Tsukasa Fujimoto and Tsukushi Haruka. It was the first match Kyuuri had since February of 2020. Three months later Kyuuri would have her first official match back, she announced that she will be wrestling part time. Her official match back was against Tae Honma.

In her 3rd match back, reuniting “Green Peace” through teaming with Tae Honma and Asahi. They face the team of the unit KISSmeT Princess (A~min from  COLOR’S, “Princess of Ishikawa Prefecture” Nao Ishikawa and Misa Kagura from (JTO).

The final sequence between Asahi and Nao Ishikawa was great. Asahi thinks she has Nao in her grip. Nao counters her finisher into a bridging german suplex pinning Asahi for the 3 count at 10 minutes. Another fun tag team match.

(5) On July 31st, 2022 at “Summer Jumbo Ribbon” from Korakuen Hall, Hikaru Shida wrestled against Ibuki Hoshi in a great match.

After the main event when new Tag Team Champions were crowned, Ibuki came into the ring and made a challenge to Makoto and her mother Hamuko Hoshi. She named Hikaru Shida as her tag partner, and they would challenge for the International Ribbon Tag Team Championships on September 24th at Korakuen Hall for “Knights of Ribbon” (This show).

This was such a great match, all 4 competitors put on a great performance. Especially Ibuki Hoshi, the 19 year old prodigy showed just how great she is, and how much of a great talent she will be within the future.

There was a moment where Shida is on the top rope and Hamuko outside of the rope, and she deadlift suplexes Hamuko back into the ring.

Aditionally, Shida used Tsukasa’s signature Venus Shoot onto Makoto, Hamuko runs into the corner Shida is and lariats her. As both Shida and Hamuko are still in the corner, Shida holds her in place and has Ibuki run to that corner to deliver a lariat. 

Ibuki pinned her mother Hamuko at 18 minutes, nearly 19 minutes. Countering one of Hamuko’s signature moves, into a pin. She became a two time tag team champion. 

(6) On August 13, 2022 Stephanie Vaquer from CMLL defeated Saori Anou, and made her challenge to Anou. On August 28, 2022 after Saori Anou had her first successful title defense as Ice x∞ (Cross Infinity) Champion against Maika Ozaki. Stephanie Vaquer entered the ring to make her challenge. The match was decided and would take place at Korakuen Hall on September 24th. An international dream match between Saori and Stephanie. This would be Saori’s toughest challenge so far as the Infinity Champion. Each step Saori would take, Stephanie was 2 steps ahead. These two took the action outside of the ring, to the seating area at Korakuen. Vaquer played the villain within this match while Saori had to dig deep into her arsenal to find a way to win this match. Saori pinned Vaquer after a bridging german suplex at 14 minutes and 38 seconds, successfully defending her title for the second time.

After the match, Anou thanks Vaquer for this match. Anou extends her hand out to Vaquer. Vaquer shakes her hand and says she’ll be back. Afterwards, Ibuki Hoshi came down to the ring. Ibuki mentions to Saori to look at her as she is now a tag team champion. However, Ibuki is interested in Anou’s championship. She makes the challenge out to Anou, and the match will probably happen at a later date. The remaining roster of Ice Ribbon enters the ring and looks on at Anou, as they’re also interested in challenging for the Infinity Championship. Soon after Ibuki makes her challenge, Nao Ishikawa mentions “Super Princess Party” taking place on November 5th and 6th, a 2-day ppv show from Tokyo Dome City Hall, that’s where she would like to challenge for Anou’s Cross Infinity championship. 

The Future of Ice Ribbon

The talents you want to pay attention to when looking towards the future are Saran, YuuRI, Sumika Yanagawa, Kaho Matsushita, Asahi, Nao Ishikawa, Ibuki Hoshi, Misa Kagura & A~min. Especially keep an eye on Saran, Kaho Matsushita, Asahi, Nao Ishikawa, and Ibuki Hoshi. Saran made her debut on July 4 of 2021 and is quickly growing as a performer and I would not be surprised to see her be the talk of the pro-wrestling industry one day.

Asahi debuted against the great Manami Toyota on August 27, 2017. Ibuki Hoshi made her debut on June 11th, 2017, Nao Ishikawa debuted May 4, 2020, and Kaho Matsushita debuted on November 13, 2021. All 4 along with Saran represent the future of Ice Ribbon and pro-wrestling. 

Rapid Fire Takeaways

-Ram Kaichow imagining herself to be a ninja and throwing imaginary shurikens at Dalys and her opponents was a very fun moment in the second match of the show.

-Dalys and SAKI having a face off against Maika Ozaki and Rina Yamashita. Physical sequences between Dalys and Yamashita. A singles match between those two would be wonderful to watch down the line.

-The fourth match of the show was a fun 6-woman tag match with comedic elements but also a great performance put on by all of the women. 

-The International Ribbon Tag Team Championship is a match that I recommend that people watch.

-This was the second time Ibuki won the International Ribbon Tag Team Championships, once with her mother Hamuko Hoshi and once with Hikaru Shida. 

-Hikaru Shida became a 5 time tag team champion. Winning the titles 3 times with her former tag team partner Tsukasa Fujimoto as “Muscle Venus”, one time with Maki Narumiya, and one time with Ibuki Hoshi. 

Match Recommendations:

Dalys, Hikari Shimizu, SAKI & Kaho Matsushita vs RebelxEnemy (Maya Yukihi, Rina Yamashita, Maika Ozaki & Ram Kaichow)

4th match: Asahi & Green Peace (Tae Honma & Kyuuri) vs KISSmeT Princess (Nao Ishikawa, Misa Kagura & A~min)

5th match: International Ribbon Tag Team Championship: Hamuko Hoshi & Makoto (c) vs Ibuki Hoshi & Hikaru Shida 

Main Event: Ice Cross Infinity Championship: Saori Anou (c) vs Stephanie Vaquer