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About Us

Monthly Puroresu magazine

Monthly Puroresu is the first and only Otaku magazine covering Puro and Joshi wrestling in English, with on-scene editorial determined to marry the highbrow art of longform journalism with the action-packed wrestling drama coming out of Japan.

We enjoy relationships with every major wrestling organization based out of Tokyo, allowing us ongoing opportunities to translate the compelling storylines from a Western point of view. Monthly Puroresu also partners with veteran and amateur puroresu photojournalists in Tokyo in order to keep readers current.

Every quarter from Summer 2020 – Summer 2023, Monthly Puroresu published as a full-color magazine featuring comprehensive coverage of  New Japan Pro-Wrestling, STARDOM, Pro Wrestling NOAH, DDT Pro, Tokyo Joshi Pro Wrestling, All Japan Pro Wrestling and more. Because Monthly Puroresu is an independent U.S. based magazine, not a licensed product owned by those with a vested interest in a particular wrestling organization, it gives our readers objective coverage.

MP Digital

MP Digital is the online companion of Monthly Puroresu magazine, featuring daily takes on social media and weekly editorials discussing the biggest wrestling events of the week, ticket sale reports, scouting reports, and updates on what’s hot in the worlds of puroresu and joshi wrestling.

Our MP Digital community brings the Western pro wrestling, Anime, Gaming and MMA markets closer to the action through our firsthand knowledge and direct relationships with the wrestlers and promoters in Japan.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I subscribe to Monthly Puroresu magazine?

A: Right now, we’re indefinitely pausing print issues while focusing on our digital channels. We hope to resume publishing limited run editions quarterly, and scale to more frequent publishings with a subscription feature. Check our Twitter/X for the latest updates.

Q: How long does it take to receive my issue after pre-ordering?

A: Pre-orders typically launch in the final stages of production and directly influence the up-front quantities we buy from our publishing partners. You can expect to receive your magazine around 2 weeks after pre-ordering.

Q: Who do I contact if my order is missing?

A: Please DM us on Twitter/X, or email for US orders and for UK + EU orders.

Q: It’s been two months since the last issue. When does the next one drop?

A: Monthly Puroresu magazine remains an independent operation, and we will continue to publish quarterly as we review strategic partnerships.

Q: I’m a comic shop / wrestling merch store / indie promoter, and I think your magazine would be great for my audience. Can I purchase in bulk?

A: Once we resume printings, there will be a vendor code to get the magazine at cost. Please email for more information.

Q:  Are you guys affiliated with New Japan, Stardom, NOAH, DDT etc.?

A: We maintain relations with their Tokyo PR teams and their wrestlers, but Monthly Puroresu remains an independent publication with no bias.

Q: I want to write for MP, what should I know?

A: Compared to western wrestling promotions such as WWE, All Elite Wrestling, TNA, and more, coverage of Japanese professional wrestling is very different.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that the curtain, to so speak, is not pulled back like it has been elsewhere in the wrestling industry; the allure of fiction vs. reality is still blurred to a much more significant margin in Japan. Domestic publications i.e Tokyo Sports, still retain this way of reporting – interviews and articles are written within the universe of what is going on promotions with wrestlers speaking to the press “in character”, unlike press conferences that major western countries now hold following a pay-per-view event.

Because of this extra care must be taken with an approach to how you view professional wrestling in these companies. Whether it’s storylines, championship challenges and matches – these need to be viewed through the lens of what the performers are expressing as opposed to what a viewer or know-it-all fan wants to think.

Additionally when reading comments by wrestlers that are in Japanese, there are certain words that must be translated correctly into English instead of keeping them as they are in the original writing. It is our job as a Western publication that covers Japanese wrestling to localise these to a high standard.

Privacy Policy

If you’re looking for our privacy policy, click here to read it.

Meet our team

Zack Heydorn

Editor at Large

Based in Chicago, I've been a part of the news media business since 2007 in both broadcasting and print. I've worked in various capacities for Monthly Puroresu since 2020. Since graduating from Illinois State University, I have freelanced for Wade Keller at PW Torch among other wrestling outlets.

Fumi Saito

Editorial Advisor

Based out of Tokyo, Japan I've been a wrestling journalist for over 40 years – my first interview was Nick Bockwinkel. After graduating university in Minnesota, I returned home to write for magazines such as Weekly Pro Wrestling, Gong Magazine and others while signing book publishing deals. In my native Japanese, I've published more than 30 books on puroresu. I've also worked as a broadcaster and podcast host, and have provided the voiceover dubs for WWE Japanese audiences since WrestleMania I. For Monthly Puroresu, I act as an editorial advisor on current events and provide the writers insights from my lengthy career in the business.

Srettapong S. aka Peatzilla

Creative Director

I'm a Thai guy with a deep-rooted passion for professional wrestling, a journey that began in 2003 during the WWE RA era. My fascination with wrestling took a unique turn when I discovered a bootleg CD from the FMW's 90s event, which featured the legendary HAYABUSA, sparking my interest in Puroresu, the captivating world of Japanese wrestling. As a young professional, I've dived into the vibrant field of graphic design. I was particularly drawn to the aesthetics of the '80s and '90s, an era known for its bold and distinctive artwork. Combining my love for pro wrestling with my graphic design talent, I embarked on a unique creative journey. I began creating covers and featured art for the renowned ``Monthly Puroresu,`` starting with issue #11, which famously had KAIRI gracing the cover. My work combines my passion for wrestling and my flair for retro graphic design, a fusion that brings out the best of both worlds.

Justin and Sayo

Japanese & English Translators

Hello, my name is Sayo. I am a journalist and born and raised in Japan. Hello, my name is Justin. I am a professor at a university in Japan. I am a native English speaker, with a degree in Japanese! We provide translation services, and have assisted Monthly Puroresu since the third issue on a freelance basis.

Yuya Sato

Staff Writer

Born and raised in Tokyo, my interests vary widely – food, antiques, music, art, video games et c. My father and I shared a love for puroresu together when I was a kid, and I was especially attracted to the entertainment side. From major leagues to the indies, both men and women’s leagues, I think Puroresu is “The Best of the Best!” I’m happy that this is most acknowledged and appreciated in magazines. I still have a lot to learn, but I will do my best to convey the true aspect of puroresu with charm and respect as a journalist for Monthly Puroresu.

Emily Thompson

Copy Editor

I've edited and proofread Monthly Puroresu since Issue #1 and worked with Thom on a variety of projects since 2011. With two degrees from University of Washington focused on English and Library Sciences, I'm passionate about information management and communication. As a librarian, I'm interested in finding, storing, and retrieving information for more efficient projects.

Jeff Brown

Staff Writer

I mainly focus on making music, while writing on the side. After graduating high school, I studied guitar in the Seattle area. Music reviews really got me started with blogging and journalism. Meantime, I watched ‘90s AJW and Gaea throughout the 2000s & parachuted in for Ice Ribbon, Stardom, Actwres Girl’Z. I live in Edgewood, WA and am a proud member of the Duwamish tribe.

R. Faliani

Staff Writer

Hello, I'm from Argentina. I see wrestling with a different perspective thanks to the many content creators in my community. Everything changed when I first watched Go Shiozaki vs Kazuyuki Fujita in 2020. The unsettling nature of the match clicked with me, and it inspired my first video essay. That match made me understand something: I was a content creator –Gyro - and I want to broadcast different ideas: the battles of wrestling ideologies, the importance of Joshi & Puroresu and the dramatic stories surrounding it. I love Puroresu with such passion, I love how it gives me an empty canvas and tells me to draw my idea about it. I have not yet finished high school as a 17-year-old, but am currently preparing to venture into college. I actually learned English by watching wrestling and talking to different people over the years. I am still perfecting the language, and these experiences will help me even more.

Ejaz Ali

Sr. Web Developer

I'm a coder and web developer, with a specialty in WordPress customization. I have worked on the Monthly Puroresu site experience alongside Thom since 2021. Our goal is to ensure the best user experience when compared to typical wrestling media..

Manuel Ish

Staff Writer

A guy from Italy, Puroresu enjoyer and freelance artist. I'm currently making graphic and written content for Monthly Puroresu and The Shield Of Sports SRLS.

Ben Harris

Writer at Large

Hello! Based in Wales, I am a university graduate with a Bachelor's degree in Creative Writing & Media. I'm currently a freelance writer and run my own blog called Dropkick Media. For most of my life, I've been a wrestling fan and fell in love with joshi puroresu a few years ago. Writing about wrestling has increased my passion for the sport, and I'm especially intrigued by STARDOM.

Colin McNeil

Sr. Writer

I'm a longform features writer and creative director known for my work in Esports, at theScore, Enthusiast Gaming and more. Puroresu is a serious passion of mine, and it's been a joy to work with Thom to set the editorial tone at Monthly Puroresu where my in-depth work has a chance to shine.

Max Everett

Sr. Writer

Based in South-East England, UK, I started with Monthly Puroresu in February 2024 three-and-a-half years into my writing and journalism career. Outside of MP, I have covered professional wrestling for Wrestling Inc., Sportskeeda, and FanSided writing news, opinion columns, play-by-play results, exclusive interviews, and media calls. I also cover MMA and boxing; have had work featured on AEW: All Access on TBS.

Jeremy Peeples

Writer at Large

A native of Virginia, I've written for Web for more than fifteen years, mostly in the video game space. My first print byline came in Hardcore Gamer Magazine, where I was published for five years until it went dormant in 2010. I currently write for a number of publications, including Monthly Puroresu, where I've done live event coverage and longform features since 2021.

Masahiro Kubota


I live and work in Tokyo, and enjoy puroresu because it blends entertainment with incredible athleticism. With photography, I can express what I cannot say. I studied for some time at Komazawa University, and enjoy working with Monthly Puroresu to share in joy through pro wrestling.

Julia Drusilla

Writer at Large

I'm a former culture critic and meme fiend with an interest in A-player wrestling, including all the amazing matches coming out of Japan. Sometimes, I write about those for Monthly Puroresu.

Lewis Carlan

Sr. Writer

I have been a devoted fan of professional wrestling ever since I discovered Bruno Sammartino back in 1978. I entered the world of pro wrestling podcasting back in 2015 and began writing articles for various sites shortly thereafter. I am very passionate about Puroresu and have been an avid follower of numerous promotions in Japan. Originally from Queens, NY, I am currently based out of Windsor, Ontario where I live with my wife and daughter.

Thom Fain


After four years of developing and directing every part of MP and moonlighting as a reporter, I now live peacefully in Tokyo with my girlfriend and our cat Saya (named after Kamitani, one of my many talented people I’ve been blessed to work with). I enjoy reading Monthly Puroresu as a regular fan with a passion for this absurd, and amazing sport we cherish.

Steven Bell

Staff Writer

Rangga De

Art Director

Hi, I'm from Indonesia and I love drawing! My hobbies also include playing guitar, Photoshop, and creating cartoons. I've been honing my craft since 2014, and have provided Monthly Puroresu freelance work since Issue #2 in 2020.

Mitchell Adams

Writer at Large

I'm an Australian freelance writer who covers joshi wrestling for Monthly Puroresu. Since the third issue, I've been an integral part of story ideation and helping the publication branch out into new areas. In the past, I've written for wrestling dirt sheets, Aussie newspapers, and pop culture websites.

Winnie T.

Translator & Writer

Hello! My name is Winnie and I’m a professional writer of online content like articles and blogs. I write for reputable online magazines in Japan, on topics like food, travel, and lifestyle. I have lived in Japan for 7 years and I am an expert on Japanese culture.

Damian Gibson

Writer at Large

I have a bachelor's in communications at Griffith University, majoring in creative writing. When I'm not writing about wrestling for Monthly Puroresu, I write about Australian Rules Football and continue to concentrate on trying to write a great detective novel. I started watching professional wrestling via a six-hour sports package show called Wide World of Sports on one of our four channels here in Melbourne, Australia. I have always had a soft spot for Japanese wrestling that began with WCW’s involvement with NJPW in the mid-nineties. However, I didn't properly train my attention on it until discovering Shinsuke Nakamura and the Young Bucks later on. I love strong style, the realistic presentation of wrestling in Japan still takes my breath away every time I tune in.

Jonathan Foye

Staff Writer

Mavs Gillis

Writer & Commentator

I've been a sports broadcaster on the East Coast for more than a decade. You might have also heard me living the dream on New Japan Pro-Wrestling broadcasts as one of a handful who have worked as an English announcer. Masahiro Chono and I are the only two people on this earth to work the schedule of Nova Scotia, go to NJPW and then back to Nova Scotia. When Thom reached out to me about if he should create a Puroresu publication – I said go for it, and ever since I’ve been the opening match every issue of Monthly Puroresu with a column that serves as a foreword.

James Carlin

Assistant Editor

Initially hired for social media management and Joshi coverage, I lead the coverage of joshi between May 2023 and March 2024, and worked behind the scenes in multiple roles since August 2022 that allowed Monthly Puroresu to smoothly operate.

Yukihira Kuwahara


Hello from Tokyo! I want everyone to experience the goodness of puroresu. When I was a child, I had a weakened body, but was soon emboldened by watching pro wrestling. I graduated from Nippon Sport Science University in Tokyo, and afterwards became a photographer. Although I have to give the camera features a lot of credit! Beautiful photos and detailed information are wonderful, but above all, I love the passion of the staff who make Monthly Puroresu.

Abid Chowdhury

Staff Writer

I graduated from Oakland University located in Rochester, Michigan with a major in communication. Through being inspired by others' work, whether a preview or a review of a wrestling show, it inspired me to become a contributor. I love watching pro-wrestling because it makes me happy. I’m really passionate about women’s wrestling, especially Japanese women’s wrestling and I sense a defining trait of MP will be the discovery of several incredibly talented women’s wrestlers in Japan.

Shane Doorbeejan

Writer at Large

I am a freelance filmmaker and writer. I'm from and live in East London, and wrestling has been part of my life since I was small. Actually, I’m named after Shane McMahon. My passion for wrestling evolved when I started writing about puroresu during my University of Bristol years when my dissertation being about wrestling and soap operas.

J. Curbelo

Staff Writer

Hello, I’m from Montevideo, Uruguay. My passion for puroresu has fueled my interest in performance arts and audiovisual content. In 2018, I began my journey as a content creator in the Latin American wrestling community, shedding light on the overlooked narrative and dramatic aspect of the industry. I’m proud to have grown to 10k with consistent quality content! I believe pro wrestling can transcend language barriers, and my efforts convey the beauty of the sport, mainly highlighting the Japanese, Argentinian and European wrestling. I have a certificate of proficiency in English from Cambridge, and I'm currently studying a technician's degree in AV production.

Syn Fritz

Staff Writer

I'm a freelance writer and All Japan and NOAH historian, mostly seen on Twitch sharing classic matches and information on each company's past. Proud to contribute to Monthy Puroresu and help it grow.

Nicholas Gerts

Assistant Editor

I came from Northern Illinois University, and immediately went into the business I love: newspapers. While I've dabbled in music publishing and magazine writing, daily news is something I've been involved in off and on since I was a boy on a paper route. Currently, I work for Tribune Publishing. Thom and I crossed paths at Gannett, and I assisted him in a variety of editing and writing roles to help launch Monthly Puroresu and set the level of professionalism that readers now enjoy.

Trent Breward

Sr. Writer

After receiving my Bachelor's degree from the University of Tasmania – yes, it's a real place – I went on to hone my writing craft before falling in love with STARDOM. As Joshi puro grew in popularity in 2021, MP brought me aboard for coverage. I've been responsible for spearheading STARDOM content at Monthly Puroresu ever since. My work includes shortform, feature length profiles, op-eds, and Q&As.

Iwayan Setiawan

Sr. Art Director

I live and work in Indonesia, where I graduated from high school and tried to enter university. My test scores were great, but as luck would have it my family struggled like so many others in my country. In 2007 I started general labor to survive. And then in 2014, I set up a small printing company. I've loved drawing since elementary school. I have my own comic book, in high school I created 4 books just for hobbies! But, I never published them. And then while running my printing company, I learned how to draw digitally, so in 2016 I opened business as a freelancer... I have enjoyed working for Monthly Puroresu since Issue #1.

Matthew Bergren

Staff Writer

I am based out of Fargo, North Dakota and I have been a wrestling fan my entire life. I enjoy Japanese wrestling because of its superior in ring action and cohesive storytelling. I have a master’s degree in speech language pathology and specialize in cognitive communication treatment with patients who have ADHD and brain injuries. I started freelance writing about pro wrestling in 2022, and look forward to many years of writing to come to share my love of the sport. In my spare time I enjoy baseball, comic books, and spending time with my wife and dog.

Richard Edwards

Staff Writer

Freelance sportswriter based out of Jamaica, mostly known for my NBA coverage. I contribute to a wide variety of digital publications, take pride in my research abilities and am honored to have been with Monthly Puroresu since Issue #1 in Summer 2020.

Lucas Forgeneuf

Staff Writer

I live in France and enjoy tweeting match threads on Japanese wrestling events big and small, with an emphasis on off-the-beaten path promotions. My contribution to Monthly Puroresu comes with sourcing cult classics featuring rising stars and veterans in Japanyou don't want to miss!

Francesco Mandolini

Staff Writer

Ciao! I'm Frank, based in Italy. For Monthly Puroresu I wrote a feature on AJPW and NJPW rising star Francesco Akira, a fellow Italian. My wrestling pod, Last Minute Wrestling Podcast, has enjoyed a variety of guests such as Alex Zayne and Rob Van Dam. I'm a communications pro who takes joy in marketing and social media projects of all stripes.

Nathan Sartain

Staff Writer & Social Coordinator

I'm a recent journalism graduate of Liverpool John Moores University and based out of the UK. As a freelance journalist, I've covered everything from live music to Korean soccer and of course professional wrestling here at Monthly Puroresu. I also operated as the primary social media manager throughout MP's second year, working hand in hand with Thom on growing the audience 10x.

Agustín Cabrera

Social Media Producer

Born and raised in Montevideo, Uruguay, I am currently studying a degree in Graphic Design at the University of Fine Arts of Montevideo. I worked previously as a graphic designer for a slot machine factory, and currently for my father's welding job. My connection with professional wrestling started in my early teens thanks to WWE, and I have been a regular viewer of New Japan ever since that legendary Wrestle Kingdom 11 event match between Kenny Omega and Kazuchika Okada. Over time I got to learn about the promotion and watch its talent grow and shift, always with excitement to see what kind of matches, rivalries, and overall great form of wrestling would its future bring.

Sam Gladen

Staff Writer

I'm a freelance writer living in Texas with my wife. I also write for and, among other outlets. Monthly Puroresu has given me the opportunity to work as a photojournalist, and cover topics new to me, such as All Japan Pro Wrestling.

Sonal Lad

Writer at Large

Hi, I’m Sonal. A history graduate with a degree in Modern and Contemporary History at Queen Mary University Of London. I carry a gold standard NCTJ qualification, and work as a full time journalist. I fell in love with wrestling because it combines sports and storytelling. I’ve always loved telling stories through words and for me, journalism is the perfect way to share the lives of real people and make sure all voice are heard. It’s also an industry that, despite a bad reputation, it can be used for good and make a difference in the world.

Robert McCauley

Staff Writer

I enjoy obscure Japanese wrestling and double as a music writer, while contributing to the Eastern Lariat podcast. My contribution to Monthly Puroresu came with a GLEAT primer in 2021.

Ilias A.

Staff Writer

Based in the UK, I started watching wrestling in 2009. In 2014 I got my first introduction into Japanese wrestling when I watched AJ Styles vs Kazuchika Okada, as someone being an AJ Styles fan. My interest at that time wasn't big enough, but two years later, once AJ Styles' match (against Shinsuke Nakamura at Wrestle Kingdom 10) has changed my perception about wrestling and rediscovered my love for it. After several years of watching different Japanese promotions and learning about their style, right now I prefer to watch and write about joshi and deathmatch wrestling, especially in small promotions.

Harold Williams

Staff Writer

I work and live in Japan, wearing many hats in the pro-wrestling industry: writer, content creator, publicist, helping promotions bring in new talent, website designer, and helping promotions get TV. I am currently writing for Michinoku Pro Wrestling and in charge of international wrestling.

Karen Peterson

Staff Writer

I'm an EN/JP translator, world traveler, puroresu lover, content creator and journalist. My work is regularly featured in Pro Wrestling Illustrated and POST Wrestling, but I've also lent my gift of gab to other outlets such as Monthly Puroresu. More recently, I've begun streaming, where I see an opportunity to connect with more people who love Japanese wrestling.

Rui Guimarães


I started writing and researching in 2021, inspired by a curiosity I've had since I was young. I love to discover more about unknown things, and finding TJPW has been a thrill ride. A native of Portgual, I'm currently finishing my last year of professional courses in Escola Secundária Gama Barros.

Callie Carson

Social Content Writer

I've supported Thom on creative endeavors since we first crossed paths in 2011, and enjoyed helping grow the social media presence for Monthly Puroresu. A graduate of Appalachian State University, my passions include world travel & the arts – the blend of which brought me to Tokyo on more than one occasion. I have a dog named Maybee, and enjoy creating art + content inspired by the random beauty in life.

Jake Teitlebaum

Copy Editor

With my Bachelor's degree in English, I developed a strong relationship with language and was thrilled to join Monthly Puroresu during Issue #3 in 2021 as a copy editor. Outside, I continue to volunteer as the Director of Grants for a high school mentorship program. I take pride in helping students in low-income areas of Seattle reach their full potential. Along with working on music, I enjoy swimming in alpine lakes, remodeling houses, and watching puroresu with friends.

Dori Kosta

Social Media Manager

I'm a passionate social media manager with more than four years of experience. I am specialized in marketing and communications for managing new strategies to increase sales, and generate audiences. I've worked with Monthly Puroresu for over a year, primarily running the magazine's Instagram.

Carlos Toro

Writer at Large

I was born and raised in Puerto Rico, and happy to have found a niche in America as a multimedia journalist. My contributions to Monthly Puroresu started with Issue #1, following time at Fightful reporting on combat sports. I'm also a broadcaster and former Trenton Thunder beat writer and Rider Baseball radio man.

Mitch Wilks

Staff Writer

Manchester-based journalist and social media expert who covers European football and professional wrestling. I graduated from the University of Huddersfield with honors, majoring in Journalism. I have contributed to Monthly Puroresu sporadically since its very first issue, and continue to hone my craft both inside and out of the magazine.

Ciarán Hayward

Staff Writer

Based in London, I'm a big supporter of English wrestlers and their place in puroresu history. More than that, I have followed New Japan for an eternity. As luck would have it, I've been able to speak with many of the wrestlers and gain a unique perspective on what makes them tick, and why they love wrestling in Tokyo. I share my love for puroresu through ``on this day`` tweets, and host the Noob Japan podcast for Wrestle Inn.

Steven Jackson

Writer at Large

Based in Halifax, England I received my Bachelor's in English from Huddersfield University. In addition to conducting interviews and writing longform articles, I was MP's original Marketing Manager. My roles varied, but I assisted in SEO optimization, social media marketing, and retail partner outreach. Having gone on to work in Advertising, I now exclusively conduct interviews and work with Thom on topic discovery.

Walter Yeates

Staff Writer

I'm a wrestling journalist and blogger who publishes the Smooth's Wrestling column for Pro Wrestling Illustrated. I have written for multiple outlets, from Elite Daily to Screen Rant on current events and pop culture. My contributions to the first two issues of Monthly Puroresu helped establish the brand as it was first taking off.

Jamie Johnson

Staff Writer

I'm a college student in the UK who writes about wrestling for a variety of outlets, with a special focus on DDT, NOAH, and AJPW for Monthly Puroresu. I also write about TV for Cultured Vultures and enjoy playing cricket and attending live wrestling shows around England.

Sonjay Parker

Web Developer

Hello, I'm from Bangladesh. I am a professional web designer and web developer with over 4 years experience. During its early stages, I helped customize the Monthly Puroresu website so that customers can more easily get their magazines and find archival content.

Lyric Swinton

Writer at Large

I'm a South Carolina-bred Ph.D. student by day and pro wrestling podcaster & writer by night, specializing in race, culture, & international affairs in wrestling. Wrestling has been my love for over 16 of my 25 years of life. Her passions for wrestling and travel have led me on a quest to see professional wrestling in as many different countries & continents as possible, inspiring my weekly Maps & Graps Podcast.

Vertical Bison

Sr. Graphic Designers

It’s all in the family! Based out of Los Angeles, California. Vertical Bison started out of a love of all things visual and audio. Richard and Brian Pena are two brothers who set out to create opportunity for each other. In the beginning our portfolio consisted mainly of album art, promotional ad work and apparel design. A childhood dream of working in the wrestling and comic industry kept us moving forward. Working with Monthly Puroresu has been very rewarding as we realized our persistence and hard work paid off. Dreams are real.