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Your Guide to Ice Ribbon

2 years ago

Your Guide to Ice Ribbon

By: r/LeloucheOTR

Article republished with permission of the wonderful folks at r/IceRibbon

UPDATED: Feb. 22, 2022

Ice Ribbon was formed back in 2006 by Emi Sakura and, over the last 15 years, has evolved into one of the best wrestling promotions in the world.

NicoPro streaming lets you in on the action. Check our newly refurbished HOW TO STREAM JAPANESE WRESTLING for tips on NicoPro. The company’s brand new Club Ice Ribbon subscription on YouTube is an incredible new effort by the promotion, something our sources within the company say is the first step in a big effort to reach a global audience.

Although it may be considered “hipster Joshi,” Ice Ribbon has quite an extensive roster and long history. Naturally, some people can be daunted and confused when first coming into contact with them. This primer has a succint rundown of of Ice Ribbon’s rules, championships and most importantly, the wrestlers and how they fit in with one other.

For all of our historians out there, “Be Happy” by Charles Short is the definitive history of Ice Ribbon, chronicling 2006-2016 in meticulous detail. If you are into Ice Ribbon, this book is a pure treasure. Also, I was lucky enough to meet the author earlier this year, and he said that “Be Happy 2” was in the works and would probably be available in a year or two!

Ice Ribbon Titles, Explained

The ICE × ∞ Championship
  • The ICE × ∞ Championship started as the ICE×60 Championship. The 60 stood for the 60kg weight limit the belt had back then. This was abolished in 2013 by Tsukasa Fujimoto when she wanted the belt to be open to all comers.
  • Also, back in 2013, the ICE × ∞ belt was unified with the IW-19 Championship, which had been the belt of Ice Ribbon’s NicoNico streaming show 19 O’Clock Girls ProWrestling.
  • All ICE×∞ Championship matches have a 30-minute time limit.
  • Matches can be won by pinfall or submission.
  • In the event of a time limit draw or a no contest, the Title is vacated.
  • Out of the 34 Championship reigns the belt has had, the title has only been vacated twice due to the above rule.
  • The most prolific ICE×∞ Champion is Tsukasa Fujimoto, with 7 reigns.
The International Ribbon Tag Team Championship
  • Was first contested at an Ice Ribbon/NEO co-promoted event in 2007.
  • Was briefly unified with the Reina World Tag Championship in 2012-2013.
  • All International Ribbon Tag Team Championship matches have a 30-minute time limit. This new time limit was implemented by Risa Sera when Azure Revolution won the Titles at Chiba on March 17 2019. The limit had previously been 20-minutes.
  • Matches are won by pinfall or submission of the legally tagged in person.
  • In the event of a time limit draw or no contest, the Title is vacated.
  • Out of the 50 Championship reigns the belts have had, the title has only been vacated three times due to the above rule
  • The most prolific International Ribbon Tag Team Champions are Ice Ribbon (Tsukushi and Kurumi) with 4 reigns.

Fantast ICE Championship

  • In the lead up to Ice Ribbon March 2020, it was decided that IR would strike a new belt. Called the Fantast ICE Championship, it would differ from IR’s other Titles because each defence’s stipulation would be at the discretion of the Titleholder.
  • At ICE Ribbon March, four entrants were selected to compete to become the first Fantast ICE Champion. They were: Totoro Satsuki, Ram Kaichow, Rina Yamashita and Risa Sera. They all competed in a ladder match where they suspended the two entries to the final over the ring, and the first two to get them would fight to become the first Champion at Final Yokohama Buntai in May. Risa Sera and Rina Yamashita won through.
  • As we all know, the pandemic put a stop to Final Buntai in May. When it was finally rescheduled to August 9, one of the first matches booked was Risa Sera Vs. Rina Yamashita to decide the first Fantast ICE Champion.
  • In what will go down in history as one of the very best matches of 2020, Risa Sera became the first Fantast ICE Champion over Rina Yamashita in a “Final Settlement” match.
  • Sera held the belt for 10 months and 10 wonderful defences until Rina Yamashita challenged again and lifted the belt in a stunning Fluorescent Light Tubes at After the Rain Ribbon in June.

IW19 Championship

  • First introduced on March 22 2011, as part of the 19 o’clock Prowrestling show on Ustream.
  • Became an official Ice Ribbon title on August 26 of the same year.
  • The title was unified and retired July 14 2013, when Tsukasa Fujimoto defeated ICE x 60 Champion Tsukushi at Shinjuku FACE.
  • The title was reactivated at Ice Ribbon #1036, and a tournament was set up to find a new Champion.
  • After a truly stupendous tournament, spanning many weeks through the pandemic, Hamuko Hoshi was crowned the new IW19 Champion after a fantastic final between her and Maya Yukihi. This is Hamuko’s second IW19 Title.
  • Fast forward to New Year’s Yokohama Ribbon, and Tsukushi Haruka was able to take the belt from Hamuko after a fantastic match. Tsukushi has made 3 successful defences since the belt is the focus of P’s Party shows, where Tsukushi is the Producer.

Triangle Ribbon Championship

  • Tsukasa Fujimoto first suggested it in 2009, who was acknowledged as a 3-way match specialist.
  • All Triangle Ribbon Championship matches have a 15-minute time limit.
  • The winner is the first person to get a pinfall or submission. The Champion does not have to be involved in the decision.
  • In the event of a time limit draw, no contest, double submission or double pin, the Title is vacated.
  • Out of the 40 Championship reigns, the title has only been vacated twice due to the above rule.
  • The most prolific Triangle Ribbon Champion was Neko Nitta, with 6 reigns.
The Ice Ribbon Schedule
  • Ice Ribbon run a hectic schedule. All major dates are decided a year in advance, with a few spot shows on the road announced during the year. The format is roughly like this.
  • Dojo Shows (Warabi, Saitama) are run every Saturday unless a bigger Show is scheduled.
  • P’s Party runs most Wednesday’s. The concept for P’s Party is that it’s a place for less experienced talent to shine. Many outside talents are regulars at P’s Party, such as Madeline, Itsuki Aoki, Honori Hana, Momo Kohgo and An Chamu.
  • SKIP City is run 10-12 times per year. SKIP City is “local”, being only a ten-minute bus ride from Nishi Kawaguchi Station.
  • Yokohama Radiant Hall runs about 10 times a year. A 2-3 day Festival runs there every Golden Week.
  • Ice Ribbon run Korakuen Hall 9-10 times per year. Ribbonmania is far and away the biggest Korakuen Hall Show every year.
  • Ice Ribbon usually runs one mega show every year. Until last year it was always at the Yokohama Bunka Gym. In future, it will probably be at Yokohama Budokan.

Ice Ribbon Wrestlers (2022)

Tsukasa Fujimoto

Debut: August 23, 2008

Nicknames: Tsukka, Venus Shoot, Flying Angel II and Stamina Beast (coined by Mio Shirai).

Trainers: Emi Sakura, Nanae Takahashi, Natsuki Taiyo and Manami Toyota.

Signature Moves: Venus Shoot, Tsukkadora, Infinity, Ace Crusher, Gokurakugatame, Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex (inherited from Manami Toyota), and the Taiyo Bomb (inherited from Natsuki Taiyo).

Tag Teams and Factions:

Muscle Venus with Hikaru Shida

Dropkickers with Tsukushi

Best Friends with Arisa Nakajima

Heaven Star with Ibuki Hoshi


ICE×60/ICE×∞ Championship (7) current
Triangle Ribbon Championship (3)
International Ribbon Tag Team Championship Muscle Venus (3)
DropKickers (3)
Best Friends (1)


  • The Ace of Ice Ribbon, untouchable in the ring.
  • She was a two time IW19 Champion.
  • Manami Toyota’s handpicked successor. Inherited the Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex from Toyota after defeating her in her retirement match.
  • Became a director of Ice Ribbon in 2015
  • Is the booker of Ice Ribbon.
  • Goalkeeper for the celebrity all-female Futsal team, the Nankatsu Shooters.
  • Is an absolutely top-notch comedy wrestler.
  • She won her seventh ICE × ∞ Championship at Winter Story in January 2021 and went on to have one of the finest Championship reigns in Joshi history until she dropped the belt to her eternal understudy Tsukushi Haruka in an emotion-filled clash at Ice Ribbon’s 15th Anniversary show at Ota Ward Gym last November.
  • Watch for Tsukka to be at her best over the coming months, ushering the young roster into more senior positions. She is a master at this.

Hamuko Hoshi

Debut: May 11, 2008

Nickname: Sexy Dynamite

Trainer: Emi Sakura

Signature Moves: Hamu Roll, Diving Body Press, Sumo Lariat, Hamu Sexy Pose and Oh! Oh! Body Thrust.

Tag Teams and Factions:

Lovely Butchers with Mochi Miyagi

Meat Monsters with Hiroyo Matsumoto

Team Mochi with Hailey Hatred

B.R.B with Banny Oikawa

Oyako Taggu with Ibuki Hoshi

We are Rolling Rolling with Yappy


ICE×60/ICE×∞ Championship (1)
International Ribbon Tag Team C’ship (5) Lovely Butchers (3)
Meat Monsters (1)
Team Mochi (1)
IW19 Champion (2) Current


  • She was named Hamuko by Emi Sakura because she looked like a “boneless ham”.
  • Always delivers quality matches when the pressure is on.
  • Her Tag Team with Mochi Miyagi, the Lovely Butchers, are the heart and soul of Ice Ribbon.
  • She is the mother of ICE rising star Ibuki Hoshi.
  • Put up an absolutely stellar performance throughout the IW19 Tournament, having many great matches. Became the Queen of NicoNico Online Polls, defeating both Tsukka and Tsukushi on her way to beating Maya Yukihi clean in the final.
  • Dropped the IW-19 belt to Tsukushi at New Year’s Yokohama Ribbon in a fantastic Match.
  • Regained the belt from Tsukushi at Shin-Kiba Ribbon on 8/1. Look for Daughter Ibuki to make a strong play for that belt now.
  • With daughter Ibuki, wrested the International Ribbon Tag Championship from Azure Revolution at Ribbonmania 2021 in an emotional affair. I can’t tell you how popular this win was.
  • She is probably the most popular Joshi in the locker room and is loved by all.


Tsukushi Haruka

Debut: March 14, 2010

Nickname: Harukaze.

Trainer: Emi Sakura, Nanae Takahashi and Manami Toyota

Signature Moves: Harukaze, Dendenmushi, Diving Double Foot Stomp, Soft Cream, Skytree, Tiger Suplex, La Magistral, Tsuchigumo (inherited from Mio Shirai) and Japanese Ocean Cyclone Suplex (inherited from Manami Toyota)

Tag Teams and Factions:

Dropkickers with Tsukasa Fujimoto

This is Ice Ribbon with Kurumi Hiiragi

Shishunki with Mio Shirai

Seishun Midori with Aoi Kizuki

Oyako Taggu with Manami Toyota

Litorious with Ibuki Hoshi and Asahi

Spring Meteor with Ibuki Hoshi


ICE×∞/ICE×60 Championship (1)
International Ribbon Tag Team C’ship (10) This is Ice Ribbon (4)
Dropkickers (3)
Shishunki (1)
Seishun Midori (1)
with Emi Sakura (1)
IW-19 Champion (3)

ICE×∞/ICE×60 Championship (1)International Ribbon Tag Team C’ship (10)This is Ice Ribbon (4)Dropkickers (3)Shishunki (1)Seishun Midori (1)with Emi Sakura (1)IW19 Champion (3) and current


  • Had her first match on March 14 2010, at aged 12.
  • She loves Manami Toyota, calling her “The Mother of Pro-Wrestling. Frequently tagged with Toyota in “Oyako Taggu” when she was active in Ice Ribbon from 2011-2017. She wears replicas of Toyota’s gear whenever she works big matches.
  • She is a phenomenal in-ring talent. Adept at all styles, just a jet.
  • Went on hiatus in mid-2017 after the Kagetsu incident.
  • Ice Ribbon backed her up all the way after the incident, never leaving her side. In an enormous show of faith in her, Ice Ribbon made her co-head trainer of the IR Dojo along with MIO Shirai in 2018. It has been a very successful move, with all IR rookies nowadays being very well rounded and “ready to go”.
  • When Tequila Saya left Ice Ribbon to pursue her Idol career in Otonatic Romance, Tsukushi was selected to become the new Producer of P’s Party shows.
  • Finally ascended to the top of the Ice Ribbon mountain when she slew the dragon that is Tsukasa Fujimoto to win the ICE × ∞ Championship at the 15th Anniversary Show at Ota Ward Gym last November. The victory was the climax of her slow-burning redemption arc that has stretched back to her hiatus in 2017. Her challenge on Tsukka at “Spring is Short, so you Maidens should Fight” is another match you should watch to get some context to the intricacies of the story.

Totoro Satsuki

Debut: March 26, 2017

Nickname: Eye Rupture and Totochan.

Trainer: ????

Signature Moves: Falling Totoro (Diving Senton), Kamikaze, Fantastic Totoro, Totoronda (inherited from Dorami Nagano), Move like a Thunderstorm and the Boston Bag.

Tag Teams and Factions:

Chabi Pamyu Pamyu with Mochi Miyagi

Queens of Osaka with Itsuki Aoki

Tiger x Enemy with Rina Yamashita

Titles: None


  • Was a long time member of the Ice Ribbon Wrestling Circle, working as an OL in a real estate company on the way through.
  • Went within a hair’s breadth of winning the number 1 contenders tournament to challenge Maya Yukihi in March 2019.
  • In August 2019, unsuccessfully challenged Jayla Dark for her Fierce Females Championship in Osaka.
  • Is, without a doubt, one of the most solid hands in IR. She is a regular at P’s Party shows, usually working with rookies from other companies and giving them an “A” grade learning experience in the ring.
  • She had the biggest match of her career when she challenged Tsukasa Fujimoto for the ICE x ∞ Championship at Osaka Ribbon May 2021.
  • Finally won her first Championship (which she had promised to do in 2021) when she lifted the Triangle Ribbon Belt at the 15th Anniversary show at Yokohama Budokan. It was indeed a great day!

  • Finally won her first Championship (which she had promised to do in 2021) when she lifted the Triangle Ribbon Belt at the 15th Anniversary show at Yokohama Budokan. It was indeed a great day!
  • Scored a momentous win over Mochi Miyagi at Ribbonmania 2021. Who knows how far Totoro will go in 2022?
  • Is incredibly over in her hometown of Osaka.


Ibuki Hoshi

Debut: June 11, 2017

Nickname: Hoshi no mōshigo, Star Child

Trainer: Hamuko Hoshi

Signature Moves: Ibu Roll (inherited from Hamuko Hoshi), Diving Body Press, La Magistral, Good Ibuning, Lightning Spiral and really nasty forearm strikes to the chest.

Tag Teams and Factions:

Heaven Star with Tsukasa Fujimoto

Oyaku Taggu with Hamuko Hoshi

Litorious with Tsukushi and Asahi

TEENS with Asahi and Suzu Suzuki

Spring Meteor with Tsukushi


International Ribbon Tag Team Championship (1) Oyakko Taggu


  • Her debut match was an International Ribbon Tag Team Title match in June 2017. Initially scheduled to work an Exhibition Match, was drafted to replace an injured Mochi Miyagi in the Lovely Butchers Vs This is Ice Ribbon main event. There was no fairytale, though, with Kurumi and Tsukushi picking up the belts for the 4th time.
  • Won her first singles match against Asahi on December 24 2017.
  • At the time of this writing, she’s competing during in her final year of high school and is an outstanding student, aceing her last 2 exams in Chemistry and Math.
  • Has really blossomed as a performer in 2020/21. Her “Spring Meteor” team with Tsukushi has been a revelation. She has been placed in many high profile matches in the Dojo this year and has looked a million bucks every time. When she finishes school in the Spring of 2022, IR will have another main eventer on its hands.
  • Ibuki has been the biggest breakout star for Ice Ribbon over the last couple of months. The Chopmaster had a white-hot ICE × ∞ Championship match against Tsukka at last September’s Knights of Ribbon Korakuen Hall show. The performance propelled Ibuki right to the top of IR; it was a Star Making performance.
  • She then lived up to a year-long promise to lift a championship before she graduated high school, when she and her mother, Hamuko Hoshi, took down behemoth Tag Team Azure Revolution at Ribbonmania. It was just one of those beautiful moments only Joshi could give.



Debut: August 27, 2017

Nickname: Fresh Sunrise

Trainer: 235, Mio Shirai and Maruko Nagasaki.

Signature Moves: Victory Sunrise, 619 and Shiina’s hair

Tag Teams and Factions:

Orange Sunrise with Akane Fujita

Litorious with Tsukushi and Ibuki Hoshi

TEENS with Ibuki Hoshi and Suzu Suzuki

Titles: None


  • Debuted against Manami Toyota at Korakuen Hall. Wow.
  • An excellent seller for someone of her experience level.
  • She has never won a singles match, losing twice to her eternal rival, Suzu Suzuki.
  • She became a real star when she cut an incredible promo in Yokohama last May when she formed her Tag Team with Akane Fujita. All this at age 16.
  • Won the Kizuna Tag Tournament with Akane Fujita (Orange Sunrise), defeating Nirinsou in June last year.
  • Challenged the Dropkickers for their Tag Team belts with Akane this past January, just falling short on the day.
  • She came back from her school enforced hiatus at Final Yokohama Buntai when Orange Sunrise faced the team of MIO Shirai and Miku Aono.
  • Emotionally gave news of her current hiatus to concentrate on studies at Yokohama Ribbon October.
  • After graduating high school this April, she became an employee of Neoplus, working behind the scenes.
  • Last August, she returned to the ring at the 15th Anniversary show at Yokohama Budokan.
  • She trained Ice Ribbon’s newest rookie, Kaho Matsushita. Kaho debuted at the Ota Ward Gym show in a singles match with Asahi. Asahi went over in a match that was way above expectations, and they formed a Tag team straight after. Asahi and Kaho were high school classmates, and their Team appears destined for great success.

Banny Oikawa

Debut: May 1, 2019

Nickname: Judge and Fight!

Trainer: Tsukasa Fujimoto

Signature Moves: Drop Kick, High Cross Body Attack, Roundhouse Kick and Bunny Kick.

Tag Teams and Factions:

B.R.B with Hamuko Hoshi

Strong Petite with Kurumi Hiiragi


Triangle Ribbon Championship (1)


  • Has been a full-time referee for Ice Ribbon since debuting in the stripes on June 24 2017.
  • In one of the biggest surprises in the company’s history, she won the Triangle Ribbon Championship at Ribbonmania 2018 (a match she was reffing) when she wasn’t even an official participant in the match.
  • She made her debut during Golden Week in Yokohama, putting up her Triangle Ribbon Championship. Tsukasa Fujimoto and Maya Yukihi were her opponents, and Banny came up short, dropping the belt to Yuki.
  • Banny’s adaptability is quite extraordinary. Recently, there was an absence at a P’s Party show, and to help out, Banny worked the first match, then went out back and changed into her ref stripes and refereed the semi-main and main event! Having team players like this is one of the things that makes IR different and special.
  • In the new Ice Ribbon, it is expected that Banny will become a much more active wrestler. IR has been actively recruiting more referees so Banny can gain the continuity she needs to make inroads in Ice Ribbon. She is very popular with the fans, so this is a very wise move.


Debut: May 2, 2019

Trainer: MIO Shirai and Misaki Ohata

Signature Moves: Bronco Buster, Hip Attack, Choke Slam, Final Cut and Chancery Swing

Tag Teams and Factions:

XL Breakers with Kurumi Hiiragi

We are Rolling Rolling with Hamuko Hoshi

Titles: None


  • Trained for 18 months in Ice Ribbon’s Wrestling Circle before making her debut.
  • Debuted in the main event of the P’s Party Yokohama show, partnering Rina Yamashita against Burning Raw.
  • She is the only Ice Ribbon wrestler that has the P’s Party affiliation.
  • Her Twitter is a wealth of information for the English speaking Ice Ribbon fan.
  • She is an amazing artist, producing many fantastic portraits.
  • Formed an excellent Tag Team with Hamuko Hoshi at last year’s Kizuna Tag Tournament. We are Rolling Rolling.
  • She won her first singles match over Ibuki Hoshi on May 4 2020 at the Dojo.
  • She recently returned to the ring after a sabbatical at P’s Party #84 and will be alongside Asahi in her Comeback match at Yokohama Budokan.
  • Yappy is the main facilitator and conduit for all of us English speaking Ice Ribbon fans. We are the best served Joshi fans in the whole business because of all her hard work. In many ways, especially as a foreign fan of Ice Ribbon, Yappy is the best hire the company has ever made. Thank you so much, Yappy!


Nao Ishikawa

Debut: May 23, 2020

Trainer: MIO Shirai and Tsukushi

Tag Teams and Factions:

Young Beauty Express with Miku Aono (dWo)

Titles: Flying Top Rope Body Press, Tokuho (Back Body Attack inherited from Tequila Saya)


  • Nao’s journey to becoming an Ice Ribbon is one of the most arduous, inspirational and uplifting stories you’ll ever hear. Having started at Ice Ribbon’s Wrestling Circle back in 2017, Nao was ready to go when she appeared at the 2019 Ueno Summer Matsuri. She worked in Exhibition Matches at every sh (10) and was very impressive. Ice Ribbon decided that Nao would debut at Yokohama Buntai 2019. Alas, Nao was diagnosed with a spinal fluid issue, and her debut was put on indefinite hold.
  • We next saw Nao at Ribbonmania 2019, where she and Yuuki Mashiro participated in Tequila Saya’s retirement Gauntlet. Then fast forward to April 2020, when Nao had a couple of Exhibition matches at the Dojo at the beginning of the non-spectator era. Her debut was scheduled for Final Yokohama Buntai in May, but fate intervened again when Final Yokohama Buntai was postponed.
  • Not wanting to delay her debut any longer, Ice Ribbon decided to dedicate Ice R bon #1039 to Nao’s Debut. If you haven’t seen this, do yourself a favour and buy that DVD. Nao’s debut is something you will not want to miss.
  • Leading into the rescheduled Fin l Yokohama Buntai, Nao was all set to partner Miku Aono against a returning Orange Sunrise. However, Nao was diagnosed with an ovarian cyst that required immediate surgery. Nao ring announced that match at Buntai, where MIO Shirai replaced her alongside Miku.
  • She won the right to go on the Mexico Excursion in August, only to break her wrist at ICE in Wonderland a few weeks later. It was a seriously rotten chain of events.
  • She bounced back from the injury better than ever in December. She improved dramatically in all aspects of the craft late last year and appears on the cusp of big things in 2022. She deserves it.
  • She recently quit her day job announcing traffic information reports on local radio, to dedicate herself to pro wrestling.

Yuuki Mashiro

Debut: August 9, 2020

Nickname: Maka Fushigi

Trainer: Mio Shirai and Tsukushi

Signature Moves: Tokumori Clutch (inherited from Matsuya Uno), (Assisted) Flying Cross Body Block, Dropkick and some kind of Crucifix hold.

Tag Teams and Factions:

Mako Fushigi with Makoto

The Gacha Kingdom with Akane Fujita and Rina Yamashita


Triangle Ribbon Championship (1)


  • In her first year of high school, she started at Ice Ribbon’s Wrestling Circle (Prosser) in December 2017.
  • She had her first Exhibition match (as Trainee White) at the Ueno Summer Matsuri Splash Ribbon show against Totoro, where she famously cried during the match!
  • She became an Ice Ribbon employee in April 2020 when she completed her high school studies.
  • She had her next Exhibition against Tsukushi at Shin-Kiba Ribbon on 6/27, where she lost her first fall when tapping out when put in a headlock, lol.
  • Then had a series of Exhibitions through July and August against Suzu, HIRO’e, Totoro, Thekla and MIO Shirai.
  • After Osaka Ribbon (where she had lost to Totoro in an Exhibition [2:0]), Yuuki challenged Maya Yukihi for her ICE×∞ Championship. Yuki denied the request and rebuffed her, saying, “Debut first!!!”. Very funny.
  • Debuted at Final Yokohama Buntai in an unforgettable 8-man, she worked the home straight with Maika and did a great job.
  • Hand makes the badges that IR sells at events from a Gacha Machine, so Yuuki is our Gacha Queen!
  • She successfully recruited Akane Fujita and Rina Yamashita to form “The Gacha Kingdom”. The team has been very entertaining.
  • Yuuki won Weekly Pro Wrestling’s “Rookie of the Year” in 2020 against all comers. For Yuuki to win that accolade whilst in a company the size of Ice ribbon is nothing less than staggering. For her, the sky is the limit.
  • She won her first Title at Winter Story when she pinned Miyako Matsumoto to lift the Triangle Ribbon Championship.


Debut: July 4, 2021


Trainer: Mio Shirai and Tsukushi

Signature Moves: Dropkick and Rear Naked Choke

Tag Teams and Factions:


Titles: None


  • When Saran graduated from Kindergarten, her ambition was to become a Professional Wrestler!
  • She started attending the Ice Ribbon “Pro Wrestling Circle” in the sixth grade.
  • During her Exhibition Match run, she showed plenty of fire and attitude.
  • Made her debut at SKIP City 7/4 against fellow child debutante Ram Kaichow.
  • She has made an alliance of sorts with Kaichow. Her biggest enemy is Tsukushi Haruka!
  • She scored her first win at winter Story 2022 with the appropriately named “Saran Wrap”


Debut: November 13, 2021

Trainer: Tsukasa Fujimoto

Signature Moves: Kikulock.

Tag Teams and Factions:


Titles: None


  • She first appeared at the “Shin-Kiba Party” show in June 2021 in a “Procer Offer Match” with Saran, Ren and Umi. After the match, Kiku, Ren, and Umi all accepted “Trainee Status” offers from MIO Shirai. Once you are given Trainee status, there is an expectation that you debut sooner or later.
  • In November, she had Exhibition matches against Asahi and Suzu Suzuki before making her debut at the 15th Anniversary Ota-Ward Gym show, where she succumbed to Banny Oikawa in the opening match.
  • Kiku is a 43-year-old mother of two who has been impressive with her in-ring efforts since her debut. She is wonderfully athletic and always works in a relaxed and calm manner. Her success has been a boon for IR, with training enquiries being right up and the weekly Procer being as busy as it’s ever been.
  • “Procer”= “Pro wrestling Circle”. Ice Ribbon’s weekly “open to all” wrestling training.

 …Joshi Wrestlers Who Also Appear in Ice Ribbon

Maika Ozaki


  • Maika is a lot more than just a regular participant. For all intents and purposes, she is a Candy. But for reasons unknown, she is not.
  • The AWG rookie made her debut for ICE on July 9 2016 and has barely missed a show since. She is technically a freelancer but is an integral part of the Ice Ribbon scene.
  • Is very strongly pushed and was given the honour of being in the ICE×∞ Championship at Ribbonmania 2019.
  • She is a one time International Ribbon Tag Team Champion with her fellow Idol, Kyuuri.
  • Joined the super cool Rebel x Enemy faction at Ice Ribbon #1065 at SKIP City. Then challenged for the International Ribbon Tag Championship with three different partners, she finally wrested the belts from the Frank Sisters at Ribbonmania 2020.
  • She won her first individual belt at Ota Ward Gym when she defeated Rina Shingaki to lift the Triangle Ribbon Championship. She dropped it to Yuuki Mashiro without being pinned, when Yuuki went over Miyacoco at Winter Story 2022.
  • Maika defeated Tsukushi in the Wrestle Arena League Final on Christmas Day 2021, putting her in a position to challenge Tsukushi for her ICE x ∞ Championship at RE:BORN 2022.

Rina Yamashita


  • Gatecrashed the April 6, 2019, Dojo Show and proceeded to have progressively more hilarious clashes with the Ice Ribbon crew until finally, she begged Tsukka to allow her to compete regularly in an Ice Ribbon ring. Tsukka granted the request.
  • Rina is one of the premier freelancers in Japan. Her stiff, rough style contrasts really well with a lot of the Ice Ribbon crew. She has had a series of excellent matches at ICE’s bigger shows in the last year.
  • At Re:Born joined Ram Kaichow and Maya Yukihi to form Rebel x Enemy.
  • Had an absolutely jaw-dropping match with Risa Sera at Final Yokohama Buntai for the first Fantast ICE Championship.
  • Finally wrested the Fantast ICE Championship at “After the Rain Ribbon” in a classic Fluorescent light Tubes Deathmatch.


Ram Kaichow


  • After the Lovely Butchers had worked a Triple-666 show back last June, they approached Kaichow to come and compete in an Ice Ribbon ring. Kaicho was initially hesitant but agreed to come if she could have a singles match with Tsukasa Fujimoto. She did, and the rest is history.
  • She started regularly working for Ice Ribbon, gaining the experience she really needed and has done extraordinarily well.
  • Won the Best Enemy Award for 2019.
  • At Re:Born joined with Rina Yamashita and Maya Yukihi to form Rebel x Enemy.
  • Both her and Totoro will challenge Thekla for the Triangle Ribbon Championship at Yokohama Budokan.
  • She is incredibly charismatic and over. Her addition to the Ice Ribbon ranks has been a great get for ICE.

Saori Anou


  • Was the mystery X that faced Tsukka at Yokohama Ribbon October. After their match, she was asked by Tsukka if she’d like to be a regular participant in Ice Ribbon and Saori said yes.
  • Arguably the hottest freelancer in all of Joshi for the last 10 months, it was a massive coup for IR to snare Saori as a regular performer. The sheer amount of dream matches that will come out of her participation is mind-blowing.
  • She has been an excellent addition to IR’s bigger shows and showed her commitment to the company when she still travelled to shows to meet the fans, even though she had a back injury and couldn’t compete.