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Suzu Suzuki’s Journey to Dream Queendom 2023

6 months ago Photo c/o Masahiro Kubota

Photo c/o Masahiro Kubota

Suzu Suzuki’s Journey to Dream Queendom 2023

STARDOM’s end of year show Dream Queendom 2023 is approaching ever closer. The big match taking place that many people are talking about is Suzu Suzuki vs. Maika for the vacant World of Stardom Championship. After recently reflecting on Maika’s path towards the main event, and now it’s time to look at her opponent, Suzu Suzuki, and her path to the main event of Ryogoku Sumo Hall.

The 5★STAR GP victor feels aggrieved that she had her original title match with Tam Nakano taken away from her. She will, however, do whatever she needs to do to hold STARDOM’s biggest prize. After all, she left Prominence in order to undertake her own personal journey.

Suzu Suzuki officially joined STARDOM full-time after All-Star Grand Queendom after a year of impressive performances whilst also competing as a freelancer. Herself and Prominence made an impact following their debuts in 2022 and winning the Artist of Stardom Championships at Dream Queendom last year and then feuding with Donna del Mondo. Suzuki even came within one point of that year’s 5★STAR final, drawing her last match with eventual winner and ‘frenemy’ Giulia.

Ever since announcing that STARDOM would become her “main battlefield”, The Crazy Girl has continued to grow while waiting for opportunities to arise. She has tried to thrust herself into becoming the leader of the new generation of stars. She even contributed to kicking off the ‘Generational Struggle’ story that took place across the summer. Despite not competing for a championship in the first few months of her full-time tenure, she has forced herself into the spotlight. She’s also taken a few wrestlers on the ride with her.

The duo of Suzu Suzuki and Mei Seira was very unexpected, but the two have been attached to one another ever since they both joined the roster around the same time. Suzuki’s aggressiveness and Seira’s speed has made for a great combination. Seira has been able to gain a lot of momentum whilst with her partner, to the point where she’s currently the High-Speed champion and beloved by fans. Their success earned them the tag team name of Crazy Star.

A few months ago, another name was added to this team in the form of Megan Bayne. The AEW star provides the power that Crazy Star had been missing. It should be said, though, that her relationship with Suzuki is turbulent to say the least as the two have fought on numerous occasions. One more wrestler that certainly can’t be forgotten about is Maika.

After Yokohama Arena, she began to change her attitude. She became more vicious and started to distance herself from Donna del Mondo, teaming with Crazy Star instead. Maika and Suzuki seemed to compliment each other well with their mutual love for physicality. They built a strong partnership, leading to them wishing to fight one another in the 2023 5★STAR GP.

This year’s 5★STAR started off horribly for the Crazy Girl, losing three of her first four matches. She went on to win all of her remaining tournament matches to qualify for the final. There were incredible performances against names such as Hazuki and the World of Stardom champion Tam Nakano. Suzuki had proved that she belonged in the main event scene.

Photo c/o STARDOM

In the final, she overcame her friend Maika to win the tournament and earn her chance to retrieve the World of Stardom championship. This victory, though, has caused the partnership with Maika to deteriorate. Suzuki is still relatively new to the company and Maika has been battling for over three years to win a major singles championship or tournament, failing every time. It was only a matter of time before she snapped. The Crazy Girl seems to have relished this as she was happy to engage in a brawl after the two’s disastrous attempt to win the Artist of Stardom championships with Megan Bayne.

Suzuki has also been overcome by anger due to Tam Nakano not being able to defend her Red Belt, resulting in the title being vacated. She had been vocal about her thoughts on Nakano vacating her championship situation.

Regardless, she will be fighting for the World of Stardom championship at Dream Queendom this week. Her opponent? Maika.

One of Suzu Suzuki’s biggest strengths is her mind games. She’s not afraid to go far when berating and tearing down her opponents. In press conferences and interviews, she’s accused Maika of possessing a lack of determination, pointing out her inability to win a major singles championship. Suzuki also knows she is capable of defeating her former partner. Maika is tough, but it’s impossible for her opponents words to not affect her. There’s also someone who has been affected by the actions of both women – Giulia.

The ‘Dangerous Queen’ formed Donna del Mondo with Maika and Syuri in 2020, and has recently repaired her old friendship with Suzuki from their Ice Ribbon days. She’s caught in the middle of this hate-filled rivalry. There’s no doubt that she’ll be ringside for their match, watching them try to hurt one another for the prestigious championship she once held. Giulia is more than aware of how important the Red Belt is.

As the 5★STAR winner and runner-up make their final preparations for the most important match of their careers, the advantage lies with Suzu Suzuki. She’s won tournaments and big championships, most notably the ICEx∞ Championship, and has a victory over her opponent.

No matter what’s been said, though, Maika does have plenty of determination and will give everything she has to reach the top of STARDOM. In this battle of speed vs power, Suzu may think her love for violence gives her the edge. Maika’s current mood, however, means she’s capable of matching Suzuki in this category. The Crazy Girl has to retain her self-belief whilst not getting too cocky. She is not battling the same woman from October after all. At 21 years old, Suzu Suzuki has the golden opportunity to fulfil her potential, to lead the next generation into STARDOM’s new era and become the face of the pro-wrestling world.

Maika’s Journey to Dream Queendom 2023

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