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Your Guide to Actwres girl’Z

1 year ago

Your Guide to Actwres girl’Z

By: Jeff Brown

All Photos by Masahiro Kubota

What is Actwres girl’Z? Actwres is a portmanteau of the words “actress” and “wrestler,” as each roster member is involved in some form of acting, be it stage, television, film, or voice acting. This all started in 2015 with AgZ, and their shows were promoted as AgZ: The Beginning. Joshi such as Saori Anou, Maika Ozaki, Natsumi Maki (Natsupoi), Tam Nakano, Maika Ozaki, and Tae Honma got their start there.

In 2018, they were rebranded as Actwres girl’Z and the first AgZ champion, Saori Anou, was crowned at Korakuen Hall on November 15, 2018. Actwres girl’Z is separated into two brands: Color’s and Beginning, with Saki being the face of Color’s. Color’s usually featured younger talent, with Beginning being home to most of the original members and veteran guests. Other members included Hikari Shimizu, Yuko Sakurai, Momo Kohgo, Momo Tani, Ami Miura (Ami Sourei), Kakeru Sekiguchi, Rina Amikura, and Miyuki Takase.

December 2021 saw both brands shut down, and it was announced in 2022 that a new era would begin. Five veterans, Miku Aono, Mari, Ayano Irie, Mii, and Misa Matsui, stayed, with the rest going to Stardom, Pure J, Ganbare, or freelancing. Act and Natsumi had joined near the end and also stayed for the relaunch, along with veteran MARU and rookies Natsuki, Chiaki, and Naru. Covid caused the relaunch to be pushed into February 13th with AWG ACTwrestling Hataage. ACTwrestling was the new branding, and it featured a points system along with the ethos that these are performers and not wrestlers putting on a show. The points system is complex and involves moves learned, practice time, acting skills, merchandise sales, tickets reserved, and a rolling of the dice under the categories Ability, Effort, Popularity, and Luck. However, even the company says fans can watch and completely enjoy the product without keeping score. On March 12, 2023, AWG crowned a new champion, Miku Aono.

Outside of AWG, there exists a fantasy world of music and extremely colorful characters known as Action Ring Girlz, or ARG. The productions are akin to a progressive rock concert; moody synth music plays underneath as characters soliloquy to set up battles. The action usually takes place in a wrestling ring and resembles a traditional match, with preambles similar to a promo but far more dramatic and stage-play-like. Like a modern wrestling company, they have factions, but each has an over-the-top backstory and reason for being on each show.

They have a YouTube channel with highlight and roster videos in addition to VR footage. You can become a member for 9.99 a month here:

Their streaming network is called AWG Nets and contains the majority of the company’s history on demand for 1,000 JPY a month. Per their website, this is their billing cycle: “It will be calculated for one month (30 days) from the date of purchase. (Example) Start of use on April 15th → May 14th is calculated as one month. It will be automatically renewed unless you unsubscribe.” There is usually a quick turnaround of a few days for their newest Actwrestling shows to be uploaded; there is no commentary, but the production value is high.


Miku Aono
Debut: 06.25.2017
Moves: Butterfly Suplex, German Suplex, 39Lock (in Japanese, it’s read “Miku Lock”), Miku-Clothesline, Backdrop

The Ace of the company and one of the veterans from the previous era. She is the current champion, although due to supply chain issues, the actual belt wasn’t available until May 17th. Incredibly hard kicks and has become a power fighter/striker hybrid wrestler. When the company shut down, Miku was one of the last to announce her plans, and she was elevated from tag champion of the previous era to Ace of the relaunch. She does not have a faction and has only 6 losses since the relaunch, with most of those being her tag partner eating the pin. Miku portrays Dia, the leader of Bijou the Phantom Thieves in ARG.


Debut: 01.31.2016
Moves: Rocking Horse, mma submissions like Omoplata, Buzzsaw Kick, Firemans’ carry slam

A real-life ninja or real Kunouchi, a hard striker and trainer, is an old guard mainstay. She is known as the “Red Shadow” and enters the ring with a six foot sword. She has yet to form a faction of her own. Mari will have singles matches with the rookies as a test or proving ground. She took a beating from rookie Nagisa, and her chest was a bloody mess, so she is not afraid to spotlight the young talent. She is often in tag matches and is not pushed extremely hard despite her standing in the company. She made it to the tag tournament finals; however, she was not entered in the recent championship tournament. She is a member of the Musashi Ninja Clan, a group of Shinobi Samurai, and does participate in Action Stunt Technique, kind of like the Harlem Globetrotters in that they are an educational group but also do seminars. Her full name is Mari Sakamoto and in ARG Mari is Carina the Captain of Sheloll, a band of space pirates.


Ayano Irie
Debut: 10.28.2018
Moves: Dropkick to the ear, 2nd rope Stunner, Vertical Sitout Facebuster, rolling Bostoncrab, HokaiDo~n

The previous generation of AWG, up until the heel turn, was always a middle-of-the-road player. She is very good in the ring and is strong in tag team situations. Everything clicked once Act formed BE∀STZ REBELLION and she is the in-ring focal point of the faction. Now known as “The Dark Snow Angel,” as she is now a heel. In the world of ARG Ayano is known as RinRin in the group taofashue(kari).


Debut: 08.04.2018
Moves: Monkeyflip, Kuma-chan bear offense,various Kicks, Teddy Bear Fall

At times comedic, using her endless supply of bears all named Kuma-chan and a strong idol look, a switch gets flipped and she starts throwing a variety of vicious kicks. Mii is from the old AWG and is a faction leader in UPDATE + In the realm of ARG she is known as Snow White as part of the faction Star magical☆project.


Misa Matsui
Debut: 11.15.2018
Moves: Manjigatame, MARU x MARU Suplex, second rope Moonsault,Aerts Knee (knee kicks taught by former K1 champ Peter Aerts), La Kawaii-stral Cradle

A high-speed wrestler who started out at 18 and is now 23 is a holdover from the previous generation. She takes a beating like no other, often gets kicked in the head, and sells it insanely well. Formed a new faction with Naho Yamada and Asahi called Teppen☆ (Top). Nicknamed “The Speed Star,” she can wrestle at breakneck speed with the best of them. Her theme song, “Flash Back…” is a massive standout for a wrestler, an ambient synth pop anthem straight from the mid-90s, it comes from Maru’s theater group, and fellow member 紫都 七(しと なな)wrote it. As a member of the ARG unit Sky Rex she is known as Riz.


Natsumi Sumikawa
Debut: 01.22.2012
Moves: Meteora, Manji Gatame, Running Springboard Double Knee Drop, Diving Double Knee

Former Stardom wrestler under the name Natsumi Showzuki, teamed with Kairi as Ho-Show Tennyo. She joined late in the previous era of AWG, and after a decade off, it didn’t take long for Natsumi to be in the running for best wrestler. Can be counted on to absolutely bring it in singles and tag situations. Won the tag tournament late last year and has formed a new faction called The Royal with Chicka Goto, Kouki, and Natsuki. She portrays Lufa in the group gem during ARG productions.



Act Yasukawa (ACT)
Debut: 02.05.2012
Moves: Act Special (Oklahoma Stampede), Stretch Muffler, Swanton Bomb

The legend. She also returned around the same time as Natsumi, and their shared Stardom history always gets the crowd going when they stand across from one another. Started out in the Wild Bunny persona, but Maru kept on her to go back to her hostile side, and thus the blindfolded drinking warrior appeared. She formed the first heel faction of the new era, BE∀STZ REBELLION, with Ayano Irie and Rico. Fans and rookie roster members have taken to referring to her as Akuto or ACT. Yuka Yasukawa is her real name, and she is the general Hisen in the samurai group Kaguya when performing in ARG.


Debut: 11.06.2021
Moves: Jumping DDT, Missile Dropkick, HiHi Cross Cradle

Debuting late in the old regime, she is often relied upon for main event tag matches with a high speed style. Naru’s missile dropkick is probably the best going and is at an insane angle. Is self-professed X-gender, with her nickname emphasizing that “Piercing Through Gender, Your Babu” X-gender is a Japanese term that is perhaps similar to non-binary or gender fluid. In ARG she is in Sheloll as Ado.


Debut: 10.22.2021
Moves: Diving Crossbody, Shining Wizard, Halo Hold

While small in size, she is a hard striker. She was a rookie with the old guard and is often pushed near the top in the underdog role. She has a ballet background that she utilizes in a high-speed way. She also loves pigs, which is why she has a pig on the back of her tights. Her nickname is “The Summer Fighter,” and her Halo Hold is a sight to behold, a bit like a neck-bridging inverted dragon sleeper or guillotine. When performing in ARG she is in Sheloll as Anemone.


Debut: 02.13.2022
Moves: Big Boot, Diving Twisting Bodypress aka Amethyst Butterfly, Backdrop Suplex

Future ace. She has height, a hard-hitting power fighter style, and is nicknamed “Amethyst Butterfly”. With less than 30 matches to her career, she has constantly been in the main event scene and never once felt out of place or overpushed. AWG touts that she is very popular with both male and female fans; Kouki identifies as “genderless” and will often do modeling & idol work that is very masculine. During ARG productions she is known as Clam and is part of Sheloll.


Nene Arahata
Debut: 02.13.2022
Moves: Running Senton, Double Handed Chokeslam, Argentine Backbreaker

A very good middle-of-the card personality, she is one of the theater kids (she calls herself an eccentric theater person) brought in for the new era and has really come into her own as a heel in BE∀STZ REBELLION. Likes to drink, as her nickname “Slightly Tipsy Naughty Girl” implies. She can also be seen as Merjelly as a member of Sheloll for ARG shows.


Sakura Mizushima
Debut: 02.13.2022
Moves: Muta Lock (kata gatame) , Crossbody, Killswitch

Prodigy and high-speed babyface in peril, her insane muta lock and flashy offense are enhanced by her gymnastics background, and she is in a faction with Mii, Nagisa, and Asako called UPDATE+. Also part of the Coelacanth YouTube group NagiSakuKoalaMic with Nagisa, Koara, Kanimic, and now Chii that we recently interviewed. As a member of Star magical☆project she is known as Cocotte Heart for ARG events.


Nagisa Shiotsuki
Debut: 02.13.2022
Moves: Codebreaker, Sharpshooter, Chops

A new-era no-nonsense technical wrestler with some of the most vicious chops in wrestling. She uses her facial expressions as the straight man in comedy matches. Currently out injured but seemed set up for big things with her real-life mentor and Ace Miku Aono. She is a member of UPDATE + and the YouTube group NagiSakuKoalaMic, which we interviewed along with Sakura, Koara, Kanimic, and Chii. She is known as “The Moonlight Warrior Who Loves the Sea” because she loves the sea. In Bijou she goes by the name Eme and in the past was in Red Fragment portraying Minato Martin with Miku Aono and Arisa Hoshiki during her time in ARG.


Debut: 02.13.2022
Moves: DDT, Umbrella shots

As a rookie, she struggled early on to find her place on the roster; she was actually pulled from active duty for a while, but she channeled that chip on her shoulder when she filled in for an injured Natsuki. Turned heel and became a larger-than-life personality that terrorizes the undercard and is the focal point of The Serpent’s Path (Jadoshu) faction. She is also the official photographer of AWG, so she attends and documents most events and happenings for the company. She is the MC for a lot of their YouTube content and public appearances. As a member of Sky Rex she is known as Lion when performing in ARG.


Kyoka Iwai
Debut: 02.20.2022
Moves: Octopus Hold (Manjigatame), leg drop, Split-leg Stunner, Brody Kneedrop

Relaunch-era rookie who is often in tag matches and has struggled a bit to find her place. She had a nice tag run with Natsumi Sumikawa in which they won the 2022 tag tournament. Appears to have a new direction since she joined Serpent’s Path and is performing more confidently. Kyoka has clicked more in ARG, so she has the ability, but her outside theater commitments could be a reason she hasn’t reached her full potential in AWG. In the world of ARG she is leader of Sky Rex and goes by the name Mira.


Debut: 11.20.2021
Moves: Spear, Stretchmuffler

Another part of the midcard that hasn’t fully developed recently turned heel and really started to open up, and she is on her way to becoming a midcard heavy that has a sadistic edge to her offense. She debuted near the end of the old AWG, loves dogs, and has the nickname “Naughty Golden Retriever”, Before turning heel, she swerved Natsumi by joining her faction The Royal after Act seemingly turned her down for BE∀STZ REBELLION but cost Natsumi a tag match by laying down for Act and beating down The Royal afterwards. Can be seen portraying Ast in the faction Sky Rex during ARG shows.


Marino Saihara
Debut: 03.13.2022
Moves: Tail Clutch (Gedo Clutch), Backdrop, Stunner, STO (Space Tornado Ogawa), Coconut Crush

Former Idol and comic book enthusiast, one of her big spots is a simple backdrop that she gets the most out of. Is heavily involved in theater work, so her active roster time is sporadic. She has the potential to be a breakout star with her larger personality and gimmick. She also hosts the AWG Fortnite streams on Youtube and is known as the “Squirrel Girl,” based on the Marvel character. On the stages of ARG she plays Shinobu Hagakure a role previously played by Tae Honma.


Haruka Ishikawa
Debut: 05.19.2022

She is a mid- to lower-card wrestler who is quite good in the ring but has yet to click fully. She made it to the tag tournament finals with Mari, another member whose theater work has limited her run. She has had only 9 matches in AWG. She took on the role of Aru in Sky Rex, formerly played by Maki Yukihira in ARG.


Naho Yamada
Debut: 03.13.2022
Moves: Around the world rolling pin, out of nowhere Stunner

She has a larger-than-life personality and a huge voice, with or without her signature megaphone. A good all-around technical high-speed hybrid, very good at the babyface in peril during tag matches. Has everything it takes to be a breakout star and is a real-life protege of Act. She also has theater commitments with Stray Dog Promotions, but in her case, that has not been a hindrance. Recently, she formed a faction with Misa and Asahi called Teppen☆ . During ARG performances she goes by Hinata as a member of Kaguya.


Rico Fukunaga
Debut: 02.13.2022
Moves: Kicks

Rico has been out injured for most of this relaunch era, and when she does perform, it’s heavy on the strikes because she inherited Aris Hoshiki’s ring gear and her trademark kicks. When she turned heel, she announced the arrival of the blindfolded Act and thus the faction BE∀STZ REBELLION. Is a member of Bijou as the character Thys for ARG productions.


Chika Goto
Debut: 08.12.2022
Moves: Giant Swing

A stage actress and model that stands out because of her height and ability on the microphone, early in her run, they booked her matches around mic work since the audience loves her. Has performed stage plays for Stray Dog Promotions. Is known as Lila an old west bounty hunter in the group gem when performing in ARG.


Debut: 08.12.2022
Moves: Ropewalk armdrag

She is the David Bowie of AWG because she is an androgynous theater kid and perhaps the most charismatic and enigmatic Joshi today. RENSAN has struggled in the ring, but they have used that as part of her unpredictable comedy routine while she improves. As her in-ring work continues to improve, AWG may not be able to contain such a magnetic personality. Her real name is Ren Kyan, and her nickname is aptly “The Crazy Neo Lotus.” During ARG shows she is Hakuju in Kaguya.


Koara Fujimoto
Debut: 08.12.2022
Moves: Single leg choke, magic tricks

She is very new to the roster and utilizes a magician gimmick in her matches to confuse her opponents. Her in-ring style has not fully formed, but she does have a wicked single leg choke. Is part of the Coelacanth crew with Nagisa, Sakura, Kanamic, and now Chii. She loves koala bears, which is why she is called Koara, and she has a big personality. ARG events sees her as Mia, a member of gem.


Asako Mia
Debut: 09.12.2022
Moves: Double Foot stomp, Asako Salute, IKARI, Sane Elbow (Shouki No Elbow)

One of the smaller roster members with an absolutely chaotic comedy style, it seriously seems like her opponents have no idea what she is going to do in the match. Her character is fearless, and she will challenge the heels and attempt to take on the taller roster members like Goto or Kouki on her own. Asako joined because she really likes Sailor Moon and felt like she could be a superhero in ARG/AWG. She is the living panda bear Pancai in the group taofashue(kari) for ARG shows.


Debut: 10.30.2022

Like her Coelacanth partner Koara, Kanamic is extremely new to Joshi; with only 6 matches to her name, Kanamic is moving at her own pace. She recently started doing voice-over work for AWG video packages, so perhaps in-ring performing won’t be her future. Is very small and has a pure heart that is played up in the few matches she has had. Is part of the YouTube group NagiSakuKoalaMic that we interviewed at Monthly Puroresu. She is a member of gem and is known as Alice during ARG performances.


Wild Bunny
Debut: 02.13.2022

Shenanigans wrestler, period. Mischievous and was portrayed by Act, but sometimes by Yumi Agawa if Act is occupied or even teaming with Bunny. The focal point of Act’s journey and return to her Oedo Tai roots came after Maru told her to quit being so silly and bring back her edge. After a few shows of prodding, a blindfolded Act appeared on stage after being announced by Rico, unleashing the first heel faction of the new era, BE∀STZ REBELLION.


Debut: 12.29.2022

Lowercard, a brightly attired wrestler, uses a selfie stick during her entrance, and if you are in the crowd you may appear in the background on her Twitter timeline. Her real name is Yuka Kobe but when she is part of ARG as a member of Star magical☆project she is called Titi Miel.


Debut: 09.16.1999
Moves: Rolling armbar, chain

Veteran of the Joshi scene who is a guide for Serpent’s Path, but most importantly, her theater group, Mizurio Kakumei, is a conduit for talent to the AWG and ARG rosters. Before AWG, there was JDStar, a Joshi group of actresses, and MARU was in their junior division; she retired from Joshi in 2005, but like Act and Natsumi, she has returned to the ring for AWG to help get the rookies up and running. Besides causing Act to form BE∀STZ REBELLION she formed her own heel faction, The Serpent’s Path, or Jadoshu. While not affiliated with a group in ARG she has been the referee in their matches.


Bulldozer Todoroki
Debut: 12.29.2022
Moves: Avalanche, 1st rope Splash, Kendo Stick

The monster of the AWG roster and one of the newest members, she started out in ARG but came to AWG first as a Dragon Ball Z-themed comedy character and now as part of The Serpent’s Path. In places outside of AWG she is called Moyoko Todoroki and in the land of ARG she is Midori Kyushu Ayataka in the faction Hagakure.


CatMASK calico
Debut: 10.30.2022

A masked Joshi that has a lucha style and has adapted quickly to wrestling. She does a lot of multiperson tags and will lean into comedy. She also has a creative mind, as we learned from the Coelacanth studio interview, and often comes up with comedy spots. Has yet to join a group in ARG.


Debut: 03.31.2007
Moves: Kicks, Standing Guillotine

Gravure Model is a veteran of the indie scene and is the lead singer of the metal band Holderlins, stylized as HöLDERLINS. While somewhat unpolished, she brings a lot of shoot-style offense to her matches and a sense of danger. Recently, she joined The Serpent’s Path. Is not affiliated with a group in ARG.


Debut: 08.27.2017
Moves: Running Facebuster, Kneebar, 619, Rising Sun

Ice Ribbon’s future star is on an excursion to AWG. She has history with the veterans from the old era of AWG, mainly from when Miku Aono was a regular on Ice Ribbon cards. Incredible talent that is very much like Risa Sera in that she has had multiple great tag teams with a variety of partners. She gets very vicious with her submission work and will scream at her opponent as she attempts to pull their limbs off. She did one match with BE∀STZ REBELLION but opted to join Misa and Naho in a new faction called Teppen☆. Has yet to appear in an ARG production.


Chii Aoba
Debut: 03.12.2023

Fifth member of the Coelacanth crew with only one match in her career. There is just not much known about Chii. Is the voice of Uni for Magical Project on ARG shows.


Yumi Agawa

Yumi Agawa is a ring announcer and part-time wrestler and performer. Yumi performs as Kikyo in the Yuka/Act Yasukawa-led ARG faction, called Kaguya. Is perhaps Wild Bunny when Act is also on the card. She is also part of the Creative Company Colors (C.C.C.) theater group with guests Naru and Yuka/Act Yasukawa. Yumi is a longtime real-life friend of Yuka/Act Yasukawa, and her ring-announcing career dates back to 2017 for the HERO promotion.


Mizuka Arai

The second ring announcer in AWG, she is also the choreographer for the dance routines that the roster performs. Also is big on the AWG YouTube Fortnite live streams



Former Stardom trainer, and Joshi. She mainly advises the company on a variety of things, be it character direction or promotional ideas; she also promotes the company and its talent on social media. She has hinted at a return to the ring in the future.


Factions: Near the end of year one, the roster has slowly begun to form factions. The first was BE∀STZ REBELLION, and a good number of members have yet to form or join existing factions.


Act Yasukawa (ACT)
Ayano Irie
Nene Arahata
Rico Fukunaga


The Royal
Natsumi Sumikawa
Chika Goto


The Serpent’s Path (Jadoshu)
Bulldozer Todoroki
Kyoka Iwai


Nagisa Shiotsuki
Sakura Mizushima
Asako Mia (not pictured)


Misa Matsui
Naho Yamada

In Action Ring Girlz there are also factions however it should be noted that the characters portrayed during most of these performances are disconnected from Actwrestling shows and storylines. Viewers will see people that are feuding in AWG working together in new personas under the ARG banner. As fantastic as the storylines and productions are, the factions themselves are equally out of the ordinary for a wrestling adjacent product. Below are the faction stories with member bios, followed by the performers’ stage names.


Time traveling samurai on a mission to save their doomed village.They are hunting for the three sacred treasures that may hold the key to restoring their village. This is the original faction and storyline in Action Ring Girlz.
Performer’s Stage Name: Yuka Yasukawa/Act
She is the daughter of the village’s elder and the general of this group of samurai

Performer’s Stage Name: Yumi Agawa
A powerful force who’s fan gives her control of the wind, is the sister to everyone in the group or perhaps even the mother hen.

Performer’s Stage Name: Naho Yamada
She is shrouded in mystery as she was an orphan found in the village, is full of energy and is a positive influence to all around her.

Performer’s Stage Name: Ren Kyan/Rensan
She is a demon who can manipulate time with a special jewel she possesses. However, it does not allow them to return to the past and save their village.


(per the official ARG translation) Sheloll are the pirates who suddenly appeared across the ocean of stars. They are a ruthless and brutal gang who use any means to rob what they want, but there is something noble and proud in their behavior. The story of why they have become pirates is veiled in mystery. It is only known that their homeland is a small planet called “Bivalvia”, at the edge of the galaxy, far away from Earth. Bivalvia has been governed by the queen who has inherited the name “Pearl” for generations. The pirate girls are seeking treasures across the space sea to inherit the name of “Pearl”.
Sheloll’s story was written by Mutsumi Kirino.

Performer’s Stage Name: Mari Sakamoto
Carina is the captain of Sheloll. A fearless leader who can be brutal when she needs to be. With a brainbuster, and a running corner knee, Carina will challenge anyone who steps in her way.

Performer’s Stage Name: Kouki
Clam is tall and handsome. Clam’s looks and charm can disarm any opponent. Even being one of the tallest characters in ARG, Clam has been known to fly.

Performer’s Stage Name: Natsuki
Equal parts charming and chaotic, Anemone floats across the ring like a ballet dancer. Her child-like demeanor will throw opponents for a loop, but sometimes her chaotic ways can bite her back.

Performer’s Stage Name: Naru
Doing a backflip during her entrance, Ado is as unpredictable as any member of Sheloll. With unrestrained energy, an arsenal of exciting moves, and a boyish mischief about her, Ado is able to take down larger and more experienced opponents easily.

Performer’s Stage Name: Nene Arahata
Accompanied by Pixis, the parrot, Merjelly is as calm as she is beautiful. That is until someone steps in her way, Merjelly will not shy away from stomping her opponents into complete defeat.


They’re fighter pilots from a comic book. It is believed that their unit was shot down. They’ve witnessed the brutality of war and participated in it. Their patches are Vietnam era, so that may add some context or just be a coincidence from the costume maker.
MARU is the creative director for the Sky-Rex storylines.

Performer’s Stage Name: Kyoka Iwai
Mira is the leader of Sky-Rex. Determined, hard-headed, and battle scarred, Mira is a fierce combatant.

Performer’s Stage Name: Misa Matsui

Performer’s Stage Name: CHIAKI

Performer’s Stage Name: Allen


A group of misfit ninjas that are loveable but completely inept at being ninjas. They come from the “Nin Nin Village” and are rebuilding since they lost members during the shutdown and subsequent relaunch of AWG.

Shinobu Hagakure
Performer’s Stage Name: Marino Saihara
Shinobu Hagakure is the leader of Hagakure. The role is now played by Marino Saihara, it was previously played by Tae Honma.

River Forest Owl
Performer’s Stage Name: Yasuka Nakayama

Midori Kyusi Ayataka
Performer’s Stage Name: Moyoko Todoroki


They are Phantom Thieves of ARG (per the official ARG bio)
Their names are based on gemstones –

Performer’s Stage Name: Miku Aono
“The aura of nobility and the powerful ecstatic light. The unmistakable brilliance of diamonds”

Performer’s Stage Name: Nagisa Shiotsuki
“The strong will that shines through her dainty appearance. The eternal emerald glow”

Performer’s Stage Name: Rico Fukunaga
“The power to take the heart, turn the negative into positive, and protect it… The bewitching radiance of amethyst”


Star magical☆project
From the land of Idinarok they are a group of students who studied at the magical school. The guardian of the land, Uni, the unicorn selected the members of Star magical☆project to journey on a quest to obtain the three sacred treasures and protect their home. These magical girls have displayed the power to freeze time during ARG shows.

Snow White
Performer’s Stage Name: Mii

Cocotte Heart
Performer’s Stage Name: Sakura Mizushima

Titi Miel
Performer’s Stage Name: Yuka Kobe (not pictured)

Guardian Beast Uni
Performer’s Stage Name: Chii Aoba (Voice)


Glorious Effect Maverick, shortened to just “gem” are a group of old-west bounty hunters.

Performer’s Stage Name: Natsumi Sumikawa
“Be careful with that smile! A cheerful psychopath. Accuracy is 120%!”

Performer’s Stage Name: Chika Goto
“Zero sense of danger. Unknown combat power! Like a dump truck with misaligned gears!”

Performer’s Stage Name: Koara Fujimoto

Performer’s Stage Name: Kanamic


A new unit in ARG with a Chinese motif, not much is known about their backstory.

Character design by Mari Sakamoto

Performer’s Stage Name: Ayano Irie

Performer’s Stage Name: Asako Mia
Pancai is RinRin’s stuffed panda come to life.

Chen Lee
Performer’s Stage Name: None
(Formerly played by HIMAWARI of TJPW)