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SEAdLINNNG October Fist Review – 10.19.22

2 years ago

SEAdLINNNG October Fist Review – 10.19.22

By: Abid Chowdhury

When fans bought their tickets to watch SEAdLINNNG’s October Korakuen Hall show, they were expecting to see Arisa Nakajima defend her Beyond The Sea Championship. However, they weren’t expecting to see SEAdLINNNG have a 1 day tournament to crown a new BTS champion. That’s exactly what happened on October 19th from Korakuen Hall.

Before we get to this event, a bit of a backstory on how we got this event. At SEAdLINNNG’s 7th anniversary show in August from Korakuen Hall, Arisa Nakajima was set to defend her BTS championship against Hiroyo Matsumoto. The match was great, both talents took each other to the limit. They were having a match of the year contender. Within the last 2 minutes of the match, an accident happened. Arisa Nakajima went for a move off the top rope, Matsumoto went after her, and Nakajima slipped from Matsumoto’s hands. She fell hard from the top of the ring rope to the outside floor. Everyone checked on Nakajima to see if she was alright and if she could still compete, she could not. Matsumoto cried in the ring, and she was named the winner of the match. A few days later on August 23, Arisa was told she had an mcl injury. On October 6th, Nakajima relinquished her championship, and a 1 day 10 competitors tournament to crown a new champion would be held on October 19th at Korakuen Hall.

Talent from multiple promotions would compete within this tournament. Talent included, freelancers/free agents: Hiroyo Matsumoto, Itsuki Aoki, Riko Kawahata, Ryo Mizunami who AEW fans would recognize, PURE-J’s Hanako Nakamori, Active Advance Pro-Wrestling’s (2AW) Ayame Sasamura, Pro Wrestling EVE’s Yuu, Just Tap Out Pro Wrestling’s (JTO) Misa Kagura, and SEAdLINNNG’s Amazon and Rico Kaiju. The tournament had a 10 minute time limit restriction. The finals of the tournament had a no time limit restriction. Fans would witness history being made within SEAdLINNNG, as a new champion was crowned on October 19th.

SEAdLINNNG opened Korakuen Hall with Arisa Nakajima, she thanked the fans for coming to watch the show. She then mentioned that on December 28, 2022 from Korakuen Hall, she will make her return from injury. She will face the winner of the Beyond the Sea Championship 1 day tournament.

The first match of the night was Ayame Sasamura vs Hiroyo Matsumoto. This match was packed with nearfalls. Both women wanted to end this match as quickly as possible to move on to the next round. Sasamura used her speed to get as many roll up pins against Matsumoto. Sasamura was facing a tough opponent in Hiroyo Matsumoto, and she did not back down. Ring announcer Chiho Tomiyama made the announcement, “five minutes have passed.” After Matsumoto hit her lariat, she followed up with a backdrop suplex and pinned Sasamura at 5 minutes and 9 seconds.

SEAdLINNNG’s prodigy “Beast Kid” Rico Kaiju would face SEAdLINNNG’s first ever international signee Amazon. Amazon dominated Rico within this match, but it was Rico who used her speed to her advantage. She drop kicked the back of Amazon, and pinned her via a roll up at 4 minutes and 31 seconds.

If I had to describe the next match with one word, that word would be physical. Misa Kagura from JTO faced off against freelancer Ryo Mizunami. From the opening bell, both competitors traded shoulder tackles. These two traded forearms, chops, and lariats with each other. Mizunami pinned Misa at 6 minutes and 57 seconds via lariat.

The next match within the 1 day tournament featured PURE-J’s ace Hanako Nakamori against PURE-J’s Openweight Champion, Pro Wrestling EVE’s Yuu. These two were developing a rivalry. Yuu pinned Nakamori in August at PURE-J’s 5th anniversary show from Korakuen Hall to become the PURE-J Openweight Champion. Yuu requested a handshake with Nakamori, but Nakamori roundhouse kicked Yuu before the bell rang. The referee rang the bell. Nakamori from the corner ropes delivered a big boot to Yuu. She then went for a missile dropkick but Yuu dodged. Nakamori delivered a spin kick to Yuu while she was in the corner of the ring. Nakamori went for a fisherman suplex, but Yuu blocked and delivered a body slam. These two fought to a time limit draw, both furious they could not advance.

The 5th match was a high-speed three way elimination match. Refereed by “high-speed” legend, Natsuki Taiyo. Yurika Oka from Sendai Girls Pro-Wrestling vs freelancer/free-agent: Kakeru Sekiguchi vs “living legend” Kaori Yoneyama from YMZ Pro-Wrestling. The rules for the match are simple, if you wanted to pin your opponent, you had to run the ropes fast to get a pinfall/or a submission. Pinfall counts were fast 3 counts. High speed matches are Yoneyama’s specialty, and within this match she was within her element. Yoneyama pinned Oka to eliminate her at 6 minutes and 18 seconds. She later pinned Sekiguchi at 6 minutes and 44 seconds.

The next match is a continuation of the 1 day tournament. Hiroyo Matsumoto faced off against the winner of the 2nd match, Rico Kaiju. Matsumoto kicked off the match by hitting forearms, Rico hit multiple dropkicks. As she looked to dive off the top rope, Matsumoto went after her, and did a suplex off the top rope. Matsumoto locked on multiple submissions, but Rico used her speed to reach the ropes for a rope break. Nearfalls after nearfalls, until Matsumoto hit a spinning back hand chop to Rico, only to get a 2 count. Matsumoto immediately went for another pinfall, and she hooked both legs of Rico. She pinned her at 5 minutes and 43 seconds.

Matsumoto had no time to rest, she had to face a fresh Riko Kawahata. Kawahata didn’t waste any time, and immediately hit forearms to Matsumoto who tried resting in the corner, Kawahata followed up with kicks and a buzzsaw kick. Kawahata traded kicks with Matsumoto, while Matsumoto traded forearms with her. Matsumoto pinned Kawahata at 5 minutes and 41 seconds via an argentine backbreaker rack with a combo into a gut buster. Two great matches back to back within this 1 day tournament.

The 8th match within this 1 day tournament is Itsuki Aoki who like Kawahata had a 1st round bye, she faced off against Ryo Mizunami. Mizunami in the ring, Itsuki Aoki wasted no time and upon entering the ring, ran the ropes to hit a massive lariat. She went for a cover, but Mizunami kicked out at 2. Immediately, Aoki got back up and hit another lariat, only to get a 2 count. Aoki got back up, and hit a running knee to Mizunami while she was on the ropes. She followed up with a knee drop rebounding off the ropes. Aoki went for a diving double knee drop, but Mizunami moved out of the way, and hit a forearm to Aoki, followed up with a lariat only to get a 2 count. She then followed up with a spear, and got a 2 count. Mizunami would hit back to back lariats, and went for a fireman’s carry slam, but Aoki countered and pinned her at 2 minutes and 21 seconds. For a match being under 3 minutes, this was a lot of fun to watch, and had me at the edge of my seat.

The 9th match was underway. The Beyond The Sea tag team champions (Las Fresa De Agoistas) ASUKA/Veny & Makoto vs (COLOR’S) SAKI & Yuko Sakurai. The champions, having made 3 successful title defenses, looked to make their 4th title defense. The bell rang, and SAKI knocked ASUKA off the ring apron. Both SAKI and Yuko double teamed against Makoto. After Yuko body slammed Makoto to the mat, she looked for a shoulder tackle. However, ASUKA on the outside grabbed her feet, pulled her to the outside. Within these 4 minutes, ASUKA and Makoto dominated the challengers. ASUKA delivered a suplex to Yuko, followed by Makoto when she hit a big boot to SAKI on the outside. Afterwards, Makoto picked up Yuko and SAKI, and ASUKA did a moonsault landing on both challengers. Back in the ring, ASUKA looking for her spin kick, Yuko dodged, and hit a dropkick taking down ASUKA. Yuko tagged in SAKI, and she went on the offensive. Taking out both Makoto and ASUKA with a double bulldog, this fired up the fans at Korakuen. Both teams would trade moves with each other, until ASUKA upon delivering a spin kick to Yuko, pinned her at 14 minutes and 12 seconds via her moonsault from the top rope.

It was now time for the main event, a new BTS champion would be crowned between Hiroyo Matsumoto and Itsuki Aoki. Both competitors hit lariats. Matsumoto looked to end the match the same way she did when she pinned Kawahata, Aoki countered into a pin that led to a nearfall. While Aoki went to rest outside, Matsumoto went after her and hit a forearm to the side of Aoki’s neck. She placed her back in the ring. Aoki dropkicked Matsumoto as she was entering the ring. She then locked in a leg lock. Aoki throughout the match continuously applied pressure to Matsumoto’s knee, but Matsumoto fought through the pain to deliver her best moves. Nearfall after nearfall, both wrestlers exchanged moves with each other. Matsumoto went for her backdrop suplex, Aoki blocked and kicked Matsumoto’s knee. She looked to take advantage, but Matsumoto hit a lariat. She fought through the pain from her knee, and delivered a powerbomb only to get a 2 count. Matsumoto picked up Aoki, hit a backdrop suplex, and pinned her at 9 minutes and 18 seconds. Matsumoto was crowned as the new Beyond The Sea Champion.

After the match, Matsumoto thanked the fans for coming to watch SEAdLINNNG at Korakuen Hall. She asked the fans if they had fun watching the 1 day tournament. Matsumoto was really happy that she became the new champion. Matsumoto called out Arisa Nakajima to come into the ring. Arisa congratulated her on winning the 1 day tournament to become the Beyond The Sea champion, and she called her strong. Matsumoto mentioned to Arisa she won’t lose to her when she defends the Beyond the Sea championship against Nakajima on December 28th, at Korakuen Hall. Arisa then mentioned that she looked forward to her return match, and her match against Hiroyo Matsumoto.

Matsumoto then closed out the show bringing the rest of the talent that participated on the show by saying SEAdLINNNG’s catchphrase “Let’s get D!”, jumping up and making the letter d pose.

Rapid Fire Takeaways:
-Both Ayame Sasamura and Misa Kagura in their matches were applauded for their performances, and holding their own against Hiroyo Matsumoto and Ryo Mizunami.
-Fans were stunned seeing Rico Kaiju pin Amazon. Rico was overjoyed with enthusiasm after pinning her fellow roster member, she ran out of the ring and fist bumped Arisa Nakajima who was sitting outside watching the show.
-Mizunami was a former Beyond The Sea Champion having won the title last year, and she looked to become a 2 time champion by the end of the night. However, it was Itsuki Aoki who prevented that from happening. The fans at Korakuen were applauding and were stunned by what they saw within the 2 minutes.
-ASUKA was cool, calm and collected within her tag title defense, towards the end of the match completely unfazed after Yuko delivered a shoulder tackle to her, she kipped up and hit a thrust kick. Afterwards hit her signature moonsault for the pinfall victory.
-Hiroyo Matsumoto became the new Beyond The Sea Champion, marking the first time since 2016 that she has won a world championship – when she won the Oz Academy Openweight Championship.

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