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STARDOM New Blood Premium Review – 3.25.23

1 year ago

STARDOM New Blood Premium Review – 3.25.23

STARDOM New Blood Premium Review – 3.25.23

By Trent Breward

It was an impossible scenario that awaited Waka Tsukiyama at New Blood Premium – defeat two of the most important names in STARDOM’s history, or leave both Cosmic Angels and the promotion entirely.

After two years and seven months of losing Waka finally broke the streak to the roar of an exuberant Yokohama crowd. Executing her signature Dragon Roll pinning move, she managed to add the missing piece, turning her body into the cradle to add the extra weight needed to keep Nanae’s shoulders down for the three count.

Neither of the former World of Stardom champions could believe it, but they had lost the match. An utterly exhausted Waka was then swamped by her tearful Cosmic Angel faction, who had been there supporting her from the beginning. They had ridden that journey with her, working to improve her in ring ability and ensure she believed in herself. That belief was finally rewarded with a win that would be a crowning moment in anyone’s career; beating Nanae Takahashi and KAIRI is not something just anyone achieves.

The leave of absence she took to prepare for this match had clearly paid dividends. Waka came out with a new look and a renewed focus. She was still largely outmatched against the two veteran stars, but she was able to bring more ferocity to the fight, and kept the momentum running when she gained an edge. She nearly had Nanae a few times earlier in the match, but never let the moment get to her head. Waka was locked in like never before.

While Waka Tsukiyama finally enjoyed a change of fortune, the same couldn’t be said for MIRAI, who fell tantalizingly close yet again at her first ever championship. After making the New Blood Tag Title tournament finals, she had victory within her reach when she took advantage of Starlight Kid leaving her arm open. Rolling her into the Miraimare submission (the same move that won them their semi final match earlier in the night), it looked like Starlight Kid would have no choice but to submit.

In an incredible display of resilience, she held on and endured the pain long enough to creep near the ropes. This forced MIRAI to reposition, and as she rolled them both in the middle of the ring it gave the Starlight Kid an opening to free herself. After a big double team Full Nelson Slam, MIRAI was left defenceless to the Star Suplex that ended it all.

Starlight Kid and KARMA are the inaugural winners of the New Blood Tag Team Championships, a fitting end of the first chapter of New Blood. The story of Haruka Umesaki’s transition to the KARMA alter-ego as she sunk into Oedo Tai’s vision alongside Starlight Kid has been at the center of the sub-brand from the very beginning.

Still, it’s back to the drawing board for MIRAI, who has continually fallen short at the last hurdle. Her one shining achievement is winning last year’s Cinderella Tournament, but since then she’s been on the losing end of countless title matches. This year’s tournament starts in less than 24 hours, and the Ash Covered Cinderella will be looking to regain that glory to right the ship ahead of her and Ami Sourei’s challenge of the Goddess of Stardom Titles at Grand Queendom next month.

New Blood Premium also saw the debut of two new rookies for STARDOM: Aya Sakura and HANAKO. The third debutant had to unfortunately postpone her match due to a minor injury sustained in training, however what was seen of the two that could debut was quite promising.

Aya showed exactly what you want in a rookie: solid fundamentals and something special to make her stand out. Her Karate kicks feel unique even among a striking heavy roster, and she showed good determination by requesting the top dog Giulia for her debut. She came up short but managed to rock the champion with some of her kicks. Once she dials them in a bit more there will be plenty of highlight worthy moments.

Meanwhile HANAKO looked terrified when she first stepped on the stage, but managed to settle her nerves once she got into the pace of the match. Being the biggest member of the roster at over 180cms tall she has a readymade to stand out, and the early signs are promising that she can develop into a solid heavy hitter down the road. The STARDOM training system seems to be paying off with this latest batch of rookies, encouraging signs as the promotion continues to expand.

Full Results:

  • Hanan & Hina def. Saya Iida & Momo Kohgo, and Ruaka & Rina
  • Giulia def. Aya Sakura
  • MaiHime (Maika & Himeka) def. HANAKO & Lady C
  • Sexy Dynamite Princess def. Super Strong Stardom Big Machine
  • New Blood Tag Team Championship Semifinal: MIRAI & Tomoka Inaba def. Ami Sourei & Nanami
  • New Blood Tag Team Championship Semifinal: Starlight Kid & KARMA def. Mai Sakurai & Chanyota
  • Syuri def. Miyu Amasaki
  • New Blood Tag Team Championship Final: Starlight Kid & KARMA def. MIRAI & Tomoka Inaba
  • Waka Tsukiyama & Tam Nakano def. KAIRI & Nanae Takahashi

Rapid Fire Takeaways.

  • Miyu Amasaki has shown good fight in her spotlight matches against Nanae and Syuri recently. These are important steps forward as she crosses into the second year of her career. Miyu’s no longer the newest member of the roster, so there’ll be certain expectations for her to keep improving.
  • Starlight Kid and Karma didn’t have to wait long to get their first challengers. Lady C and the debutante HANAKO stepped up to the plate, clearly unfazed by their earlier loss. The two tallest members of the roster are clearly looking to exploit that advantage moving forward.
  • If there was any question that the fans were invested in Waka Tsukiyama, one just has to listen to the reception she received. Clearly chants of ‘Tsukiyama’ filled the building as she stood opposite KAIRI – one of STARDOM’s all time beloved figures.
  • The New Blood sub-brand is set to keep the momentum, with more dates announced for future shows. The current plan are for the free Youtube shows to continue, building to a couple of New Blood Premium PPVs throughout the year. It’s good that the free shows will continue, as they are great resources for fans as well as giving the up and coming performers a big platform with which to showcase themselves.