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All Together Again 6.9.23 – Review and Results

1 year ago

All Together Again 6.9.23 – Review and Results

By: Damian Gibson

Hot on the tail of the fantastic New Japan Pro Wrestling Dominion PPV. Another huge event on the Japanese wrestling calendar rolled into Tokyo. However this time it was the three major promotions (All Japan, Pro Wrestling Noah and New Japan Pro Wrestling) that were putting on the event. All Together Again is the third instalment in the three-pronged pay-per-view that aims to celebrate wrestling. Some of the best talents on the planet were pitted against each other. To take home bragging rights for the best promotion in Japan.

CHAOS (Bishamon (Hirooki Goto & YOSHI-HASHI) & Tomohiro Ishii) [NJPW] vs. THE TOUGH (Masa Kitamiya & Yoshiki Inamura) & Daiki Inaba [NOAH]

First up on the card was an inter-promotional clash of the big men. The Chaos trio went in slight favourites having held the Never Open Weight Six-man titles for over a year during the pandemic. Chaos got the early advantage by beating the war drums on Yoshiki Inamura. We were treated to a clash of seismic proportions as Ishii and Inamura traded body checks, then a German suplex from Ishii and a suplex from Inamura showing the phenomenal strength of the two competitors. After some quick offence from Bishamon, YOSHI-HASHI got the three count to make it one in the win column for New Japan.

TMDK (Zack Sabre Jr. & Kosei Fujita) [NJPW] vs. Chris Ridgeway & Sean Legacy [NOAH]

Tag action was second up this evening with a dream face-off between Zack Sabre Jr and Chris Ridgeway which did not disappoint in the short time they went move for the move to begin the match, which led to Sabre Jr tagging in Fujita. Sabre Jr seemed to be teaching the young lion on the job as Sabre Jr and Fujita went to work on every joint in Sean Legacy’s body. After some of the best mat work seen this year from Sabre Jr and Ridgeway,

Zabre locked on a cross-over ankle lock that was only cut short by Ridgeway’s big toe on the bottom rope. Fujita was next in the ring taking it to Ridgeway and got a two-and-a-half count from a bridge pin. After Legacy removed Sabre Jr on the floor, Ridgeway could only manage a two-and-a-half count after a boot to Fuijitas head. Ridgeway wasn’t done yet, snapping on an ankle lock, with Sabre still on the outside dealing with Legacy there was no one for Fujita to throw the tag to and tapped out giving the match to Ridgeway and Legacy a win for Pro Wrestling Noah.

Shota Umino [NJPW] vs. Yoshitatsu [AJPW]

We get a look at our first All Japan talent in Yoshitastsu taking on the white-hot Shota Umino. After an entrance length that would have made Roman Reigns blush full of hive fives and free t-shirts for the Tokyo crowd from “The Shooter”, the bell was rung and we were underway. The pair traded blows for the first part of this match, it didn’t last long though as Shota hit the Rough Rider and got the three count, notching up a second win for New Japan.

Shuji Ishikwa & Hokuto Omori [AJPW] vs. AXIZ (Katsuhiko Nakajima & Go Shiozaki) [NOAH]

Omori started the match by throwing out Ishikwa and calling out Shiozaki. Omori had bitten off more than he could chew, however, with both Shiozaki and then Nakajima taking turns to beat down Omori to teach him a lesson and win the wrestling match. Pro Wrestling Noah gets the win.

Strong Style (Minoru Suzuki, El Desperado & Ren Narita) [NJPW] vs. Naomichi Marufuji, Takashi Sugiura & Junta Miyawaki [NOAH]

We start with Marufuji squaring off with Suzuki. A flurry of moves are attempted by both but none land which leads to a tag and young lion Ren Narita coming into the ring. This may have played into the NOAH team’s plans as they spent the next part of the match targeting Narita, obviously seeing him as the weak link in Strong Style’s chain. Narita managed to get to the ropes and tag in Suzuki. Suzuki and Suigiura hit dropkicks at the same time and took each other out of the match. Strong Style got on top and triple-teamed Miyawaki which led to a two-and-a-half count. El Desperado hit a blue thunder bomb for the three count.

United Empire (Jeff Cobb, Great-O-Khan, Aaron Henare & Catch 2/2 (TJP & Francesco Akira)) [NJPW] vs. Voodoo Murders (Jun & Rei Saito), Ryuki Honda, Hikaru Sato & Dan Tamura [AJPW]

The match started off with the Saito brothers clearing everyone off the apron including their supposed teammates and then beating down Francesco Akira. Great O’Khan and Henare came in for the save and some great wrestling continued, which led to Tamura putting on a leg lock which was broken up by Rei Saito who again threw his own teammate out of the ring.

TJP almost got the win after some fast offence but his pin Sato was broken up by Honda. Jeff Cobb performed a hugely impressive side suplex on one of the Saito twins. In the end, Akira got the win after a duel jumping neck breaker with TJP, bringing New Japan its fourth win of the night.

Los Ingobernables de Japón (Tetsuya Naito, Shingo Takagi & BUSHI) [NJPW] vs. Yuji Nagata, Yuma Anzai & Suwama [AJPW]

Shingo and BUSHI got the early jump on the All Japan young lion Anzai testing his neck with multiple suplexes, Naito was tagged in and Anzai hit a supple of his own to tag in Nagata. Nagata took down Shingo with another suplex and tagged in the eight-time triple crown winner Suwama. Suwama could not keep up with the pace of Bushi until a monster chop and powerbomb from Suwama got the win for the All-Japan team.

Just 5 Guys (SANADA, TAKA Michinoku & Yoshinobu Kanemaru) [NJPW] vs. Good Looking Guys (Tadasuke, YO-HEY & Jake Lee) [NOAH]

In the first of the triple main event for the evening. It was the battle of the guys, Just 5 and Good Looking. The atmosphere in the crowd was electric with the anticipation of seeing the GHC Heavyweight Champion Lee clash with the IWGP Heavyweight Champion in Sanada. Yo-Hey got the early advantage against TAKA and then Kanemaru. Lee is tagged in and then so is Sanada. The two champs face off and the crowd is on its feet. Sanada was on top at first after hitting two dropkicks and throwing Lee out of the ring.

Lee got his second wind and tied Sanada up in his own signature move the Paradise Lock. A sign of disrespect from the NOAH champion. Jake Lee power-bombed Michinoku for a two-and-a-half count. Then hit a running boot to finally put Michinoku away for the win Lee stands tall as stares down Sanada.

Hiromu Takahashi [NJPW], Atsuki Aoyagi [AJPW] & AMAKUSA [NOAH] vs. Master Wato [NJPW], Rising Hayato [AJPW] & Hayata [NOAH]

Start this match Master Wato facing off with Aoyagi. The two rekindling their feud that has crossed promotions. They went move for move, before tagging in the Time Bomb Takahashi and Rising Hayato. The pair traded chops for days, and Hayato hit head scissors that took Takahashi to the floor. Hayato hit a running boot into Takahashi’s face and then tagged Wato, who relished the opportunity to take it to his super junior rival.

Hayato and Aoyagi normally tag partners went move for move and showed that All Japan’s future is neon bright, Aoyagi hit an enormous Spanish fly that almost got him the win, he went to the top again for a 450 splash and picked up the win for himself and his team, in what was a fantastic display of super junior wrestling.


Hiroshi Tanahashi [NJPW], Kento Miyahara [AJPW] & Kaito Kiyomiya [NOAH] vs. Kazuchika Okada [NJPW], Yuma Aoyagi [AJPW] & Kenoh [NOAH]

This the All-Star match of Japanese pro wrestling. Six of the biggest stars in pro wrestling squaring off. The Ace Hiroshi Tanahashi is the only man to have wrestled in all three All Together main events. There is a lot of tension here, especially between Kenoh and The Ace.

Kenoh calls out Tanahashi and they kick off the match. Tanahashi gets the best of Kenoh and tags in Miyahara, Okada tags himself in and the crowd rises as one. Okada hit a couple of cheap shots as Miyahra was through the ropes. This seems to go against the Okada we have seen recently.

Okada then knocked Kiyomiya off the apron, Kiyomiya demands to be tagged in and Okada rolls out of the ring. Meanwhile, in the ring, Kenoh is working over Tanahshi until Tanahshi hits a corkscrew to break the momentum. Kiyomiya is tagged in again immediately Okada jumps into the ring to try and pick off Kaito.

However, the NOAH star hits a dropkick and rolls Okada out of the ring. Kento Miyahara hit a running knee that led to a two-and-a-half count on Okada. Tanahashi was tagged in and after a triple dropkick from his team, again they could only keep the Rainmaker down for a count of two. Tanahashi went up top to hit the Hi-Fi Flow but Okada had his knees up. After some teamwork from Okada’s team, a flying elbow from Aoyagi could only keep Tanahashi down for a two-count. Okada had had enough and hit the Rainmaker on Tanahashi for the win.

The night ended with all competitors coming back into the ring in the spirit of togetherness. During a time over the last few years that were so difficult for so many people. It was a brilliant sight to see three sets of fans come together to celebrate the beautiful madness that is professional wrestling.