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TJPW Midsummer Athletic Amusement Park Pro Wrestling 2023 Review

11 months ago

TJPW Midsummer Athletic Amusement Park Pro Wrestling 2023 Review


By: Jeff Brown

TJPW returns with another specialty show; last year it was Midwinter Pool Wrestling, and now it’s Midsummer Athletic Amusement Park Pro Wrestling. The battlegrounds were the Kanagawa Lake Sagami Pleasure Forest amusement park, and it was broken up into 2 teams:

The Red team was led by Rika Tatsumi, along with Hyper Misao, Raku, Nao Kakuta, Moka Miyamoto, Arisu Endo, Hikari Noa, and Yuki Aino

The White team was led by Mizuki, along with Mahiro Kiryu, Kaya Toribami, Yuki Kamifuku, Suzume, Yuki Arai, Miu Watanabe, Pom Harajuku, and special member Yuka Sakazaki, who is recovering from injury.

It was broken up into 5 challenges, and the team with the most points would win bragging rights and a barbecue dinner. While you might think it was like, say, American Gladiators, being TJPW, it delved more into the 90s Nickelodeon game show Wild and Crazy Kids territory.

Falls Count Anywhere Tag Team match

The first round was a 6 woman falls-count-anywhere tag match. This was the most traditional outing and was essentially an outdoor brawl. There was a big blue mat, but the action quickly left it out in the park. The Red Team featured Tatsumi, Noa, and Kakuta, while the White Team featured Harajuku, Suzume, and Arai. It was a fun match with Suzume diving off a fence, Harajuku getting sent down stairs, Raku leading the whole Red Team in an Oyasumi Express, Tatsumi getting a hold of a line divider, of course, being the TJPW roster member to weaponize the park, she then hit Harajuku with the Twist of Fate for the win.

Spider Web Climbing

Next was a challenge using a set of railings in the shape of a spider web. Each team had to try and cross it with the other team members strategically placed on the web, trying to prevent them from advancing. Sakazaki was also running defense with a water gun and a grasshopper she found in the park. Most members got around 9–10 meters, with Aino getting a paltry 3.9 meters and Watanabe cementing the White Team’s victory with a monstrous 13.7 meters.

Maze chase

The third challenge took place in a maze inside a steel cage. A participant got a head start to try and make it to the exit, trying to avoid being caught by a member of the other team. This particular round really felt like something from Nickelodeon, with the highlight being Mahiro escaping by first turning out and bludgeoning poor Endo into the ground before she could grab her. Misao had her trusty cold spray but wasn’t able to execute a face attack against Sakazki, spraying into the air in defeat. Tatsumi stopped Kamifuku and gave the Red Team another win.

Elevated Push Sumo

Round 4 saw the participants climb out onto a platform 22 meters (72 feet) in the air for a bout of Push Sumo. When a player lost their balance, the round ended. Watching each member cross the small foot bridge out onto the platform, which was where the drama really was, they had safety harnesses, so the danger was minimal. Kakuta, after some effort, knocked Pom down. Watanabe hilariously made short work of Miyamoto, and it seemed to have even shocked Watanabe how quick it was. Raku and Sakazaki were in the final round that went to a sudden death, where each stood on one foot. Sakazaki lowered her foot out of instinct and lost, giving the Red Team another notch in the win column.

Calvary Death Match

This took place on a pond, with the object being to steal the headbands of your opponents. Each team had a designated general (Miyamoto for the Red team and Arai for the White team) that was carried on their teammates shoulders; if the general lost their headband, it was all over. Giving the points lead, the White team asked for this instead to be worth 1,000,000 points, or basically a winner takes all showdown. We were right back to last year’s pool party with all types of chaos as players were sent into the pond. If there is a body of water in wrestling, people must end up in it. In the melee, Arai was able to snatch Miyamoto’s headband, and they got the win and the barbecue dinner.

The dinner was fancy beef and seafood for the winners, while the losers got canned goods in a foil pan to heat up. Kamifuku threatened to put Toribami on the barbecue for some cooked bird but was stopped. After a lot of laughter and celebration, the White Team shared their top-level meal with the Red Team, and it was a feel-good ending. It was a frivolous, out-of-the-box style show and was just over an hour long. It was like a more violent version of an elementary school field day, and everything wonderful about TJPW. The creativity of these special PPVs is something that long-time and new fans will enjoy, and it is where TJPW puts their best foot forward.