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NOAH N-1 Victory 2023 Day 8 Show Preview

10 months ago

NOAH N-1 Victory 2023 Day 8 Show Preview

NOAH N-1 Victory 2023 Day 8 Show Preview

By: R. Faliani

General Information

August 26th would see the N-1 Victory block winners be defined. Pro-Wrestling NOAH’s paradigm can be shifted considering some of the results that could be presented. In a night full of promising matchups and main evented by the GHC Heavyweight Champion Jake Lee, the N-1 would look to pass to the next stage.

Even if NOAH is struggling to find its identity, we can count on the big matches to deliver and the wrestlers to put up a great show. With the N-1 Victory, NOAH’s momentum seems to be growing and despite well-known issues such as Kaito Kiyomiya’s performance these last months and the unstable state of the GHC scene, they are finding their way.

This show can be streamed via Wrestle Universe, CyberFight’s own streaming service, that has content from NOAH, DDT, TJPW and Ganbare Pro. It’s best to wait until the 1st of the month to buy a subscription because Japanese services will always charge on the first day of the month. You can check our article on how to stream Japanese wrestling.

Start Times

Japan – 16:00
LA – 00:00
NYC –  03:00 

Calgary – 01:00 

Mexico City – 01:00 

Rio – 04:00 

London – 08:00 

Paris – 09:00 

Singapore – 15:00 

Sydney – 17:00

N-1 Victory Block Matches – Rundown

N-1 Victory – A Block Match – Jake Lee vs KENOH

The GHC Heavyweight Champion Jake Lee is standing as the leader of his block with 10 points and he’s yet to be defeated. KENOH is in the second place with 8 points, but he’s looking to end Lee’s streak as GHC champions clash in the Main Event of the show. Since the N-1, KENOH wanted to do a refreshing change of look, as he’s now wearing a blue attire, representing the most powerful of fires. Would that be enough to burn Lee’s crown to the ground and stand as the top wrestler on his block?

N-1 Victory – B Block Match – Go Shiozaki vs Katsuhiko Nakajima

The highlight of NOAH in recent months has been the reunion of Go Shiozaki and Katsuhiko Nakajima, as AXIZ. Since Nakajima’s betrayal in 2020 both were facing each other from time to time, and bringing the best out of their arsenal. With their reunion came this thought of them facing again, and what could transpire if they had the chance. We now know. Nakajima stands at the top of his block alongside Lance Anoa’i and Hijo del Dr Wagner Jr. with 8 points on his behalf, but Shiozaki is only one point away from his partner. They both are facing each other again for N-1 supremacy. Who will stand tall at the end of the match, and what will happen with the other?

N-1 Victory – B Block Match – Hijo del Dr Wagner Jr. vs Manabu Soya

If you were to tell us three years ago Hijo del Dr Wagner Jr. would stand as the best foreign wrestler in NOAH we wouldn’t believe you, but it’s true. Wagner has been a machine since winning the GHC National Championship, and his current run in the N-1 is really interesting to see, because he has 8 points. The legacy he has to carry is big, but if he keeps this level it wouldn’t be a problem. Manabu Soya stands in front of him as a free man. After Kongo’s disbanding this year, Soya had to survive in the company, and well, he’s doing great. He has 7 points as this article is written, and he’s looking to advance to the next stage of this tournament. Who will survive in this clash of beasts?

N-1 Victory – A Block Match – Jack Morris vs Adam Brookes

The N-1 Victory presented many new contenders, and one of them was Adam Brookes, the known independent wrestler from DPW and other independent companies. Brookes stands as a compelling foe against Jack Morris. We know Morris. He got to wrestle for the GHC Heavyweight Championship before and he’s a member of Jake Lee’s Good Looking Guys group. In this tournament both men had great matches and it seems they’re up to the test. But only one foreign wrestler will be the best one at the end of their bout. Who will it be?

N-1 Victory – A Block Match – Masa Kitamiya vs Timothy Thatcher

Real or not, Timothy Thatcher is one of the best wrestlers in the world today, but his recent run as part of Pro-Wrestling NOAH really opened the window for him to embrace his aggresive and technical style way more. Thatcher is a classic grappler with a crazy face and some tough strikes. Masa Kitamiya, on the other hand, is what you would get if you make somebody think of a Japanese wrestler. Kitamiya is tough, big and athletic as hell, therefore this match promises to be a bar fight dressed up as an N-1 Victory Block Match, and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

N-1 Victory – A Block Match – Yoshiki Inamura vs Yuki Yoshioka

Yoshiki Inamura is one of the strongest wrestlers in NOAH, but his results in the N-1 Victory are disappointing as he stands with 0 points. Yuki Yoshioka comes from Dragon Gate, and he has been in a good run this tournament, getting to 6 points. With an Inamura that needs to release all his frustrations and a Yoshioka that could gather up relevance from his appearance in NOAH, you have a great match.

N-1 Victory – B Block Match – Saxon Huxley vs Yuma Anzai

Oh, beautiful rubber matches. Saxon Huxley has been the closest thing to a Bruiser Brody-type wrestler in NOAH as his gritty and tough style complements too well with Timothy Thatcher’s catch-as-can background. Huxley didn’t have the best run in the N-1, but his performances were well received by the crowd, and he’s looking really crazy and scary. Yuma Anzai comes from All Japan Pro Wrestling, and he’s a young boy that has accepted the challenge to enter this prestigious tournament. He didn’t reach the next stage, but his matches were really entertaining to see. Anzai’s spirit shines through, and we could be seeing glimpses of a great wrestler in the future. Could Anzai be the wrestler AJPW needs, and could he defeat Huxley?