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NOAH N-1 Victory 2022: Grand Final Review

2 years ago

NOAH N-1 Victory 2022: Grand Final Review

By: Syn Fritz

The ark has come ashore in Osaka at the Osaka Edion Arena for the N-1 Victory Tournament Grand Final. The N-1 Victory was unexpected this year as upsets were about wherever you looked. In the end though, after 2 weeks , we are here with Kaito Kiyomiya and Hideki Suzuki in the main event of tonight’s show. In the Semi-main event, Kenoh,  Manabu Soya & Tadasuke of KONGO took on NOSAWA Rongai, the debuting Great O-Khan, and making his final appearance in Osaka, The Great Muta.

Lets Take a look at the Grand Final of the 2022 N-1 Victory.

Super Crazy vs Hajime Ohara

Kicking off the show with the opening contest is Hajime Ohara of KONGO and Super Crazy of Perros Del Mal De Japon. While the match started off with both men on their feet, it quicky went to the mat with Ohara gaining the advantage early on. Following up after a back and forth exchange, Super Crazy took Ohara to the floor, working over his back and head by using the guard rail and ring apron to his advantage.

Once back in the ring, Super Crazy was in complete control, stopping Ohara any chance he had to gain momentum. Things looked bleak for Ohara once Super Crazy locked in the sleeper hold, but the Osaka crowd will him back to his feet to take control  with a flying forearm. After  2 minutes of back and forth exchanges, and a moonsault, Super Crazy was unable to stop the student of Ultimo Dragon for pulling out the stops and picking up the win with a modified pinfall.

WINNER: Hajime Ohara 


Jack Morris & Daiki Inaba vs Anthony Green & Stallion Rodgers

Jack Morris and Stallion Rodgers start off this tag team contest. While both men are still rather new to NOAH, they seem to have never cross paths before until this match in Osaka. The match is as fast pace as one would expect from these 4 men. After an exchange between Greene and Inaba, Daiki is sent to the floor, followed by Morris, only for both men to be hit with a vaulting body press from Greene and a Spaceman Plancha from Rodgers.

Anthony Greene took control after getting Jack Morris back in the ring, although he nearly lost it trying to execute a tornado DDT on Morris, but was able to regain it quickly by countering Morris with a Russian leg sweep from the second rope. Greene makes the tag to Rodgers, hitting a beautiful Saito Suplex on Rogers, but only enough for a 2 count.

Rogers then sets up for the DDT out of the corner on Rodgers but only to receive a Northern Lights Suplex into the turnbuckles for his efforts. Morris heads to the top turnbuckle to hit a Shooting star press, but only for another two count. Inaba, enters the ring and makes a run at Rogers who is sitting in the corner and nails a cannonball senton on him and then one on Greene for good measures. Sadly it wasn’t enough it seems as Morris went to the outside with a suicide dive but was only able to hit his partner as Greene was able to move out of the way, setting up Rogers to hit a moonsault to the floor, onto all 3 men.

Back into the ring once more, and Stallion Rogers tries to put away Jack Morris but is counted by him. A single Tiger Driver later, and it is over, as Morris and Inaba pick up the win.

WINNER: Jack Morris & Daiki Inaba 


HAYATA, Yuya Susumu & Kai Fujimura vs Atsushi Kotoge, YO-HEY & Seiki Yoshioka

NOAH’s Jr. Heavyweights are on display as the current GHC Jr. Heavyweight Champion, HAYATA took on YO-HEY to kicked things off. After a quick exchange, HAYATA makes the tag to Susumu, while Yoshioka is tagged in by YO-HEY. A few quick strikes from both men until Yoshioka take control to bring in Kotoge. Within 7 seconds, Susumu gains control, enabling Fujimura to tag in.

Fujimura gets his chance to shine on this match, even hitting a rolling senton onto Kotoge for a two. He has a bright future ahead of him. Susumu and Fujimura exchange tags, working over Kotoge in their corner, leaving HAYATA to make a tag. After a few strikes, Kotoge is able to make enough of a comeback to make the hot tag to YO-HEY, but once he tried for the Twist of Fate, HAYATA was able to spike him with the DDT.

The match from here on is back and forth as both teams are looking to pick up the win. From HAYATA continuing to faceoff against YO-HEY, to Fujimura against Yoshioka, the pace never slowed. Susumu would get the tag and be able to wear down Kotoge enough to slap on the Crossface, but refused to tap out. YO-HEY would end up making the save. A quick counter on Susumu allows Kotoge to hit the Killswitch to score the win for his team.

WINNER: Atsushi Kotoge, YO-HEY & Seiki Yoshioka


Masakatsu Funaki, Katsuhiko Nakajima & Shuji Kondo vs Masa Kitamiya, Muhammad Yone & Alejandro

More 6-Man tag team action continues as Masakatsu Funaki and Masa Kitamiya kick things off. While Kitamiya is a powerhouse, Funaki is able to wrestle him to the ground in the opening minutes of the contest. Masa locks in a side headlock on the mat, but once back on his feet, Funaki regains control and takes Kitamiya back to the mat and delivers 2 painful PKs. Funaki makes the tag to Kitamiya’s Dojo brother, Nakajima who starts to throw forearms with Masa, only to go for a kick to the mid section and an Irish whip, only to be met wit ha big shoulder tackle in response from Kitamiya.

A tag to Muhammad Yone, leads to a double shoulder tackle and a Funky Time assist on the ropes from Alejandro.


Alejandro makes the tag but only to end up taking punishment from Nakajima. Shuji Kondo get the tag from Nakajima. Alejandro does his best to use his speed to his advantage over the stronger opponent, even with a Tope con Hilo to the outside, but once he tries for the Tilt-A-Whirl when they’re back in the ring, he is caught. Both men take tags to Kitamiya and Funaki, leading to both ben exchanging blows in the middle of the ring, with Kitamiya delivering a Saito Suplex to end the exchange.

A Tag to Yone is made but his is cut off by Kondo, allowing Funaki to tag in Nakajima. Showtime in the corner, but all it does to anger Yone, leading Nakajima to go to his patented kicks. Yone responds by dropping Nakajima with a wicked forearm to his jaw, something you don’t see happen too often to Nakajima, but only for a two. Yone delivers a lariat afterwards for another two. Nakajima get set up for the Kinniku Buster, but Kondo makes the save. Giving Nakajima a chance at a come bac, leading to a punt and Vertical Spike for the win.

WINNER:  Kasuhiko Nakajima, Shuji Kondo & Masakatsu Funaki

After the match Funaki goes after Kitamiya only to be hit with another Saito Suplex, things break down as both teams try their best to separate both men, setting up the GHC National Championship match between  Funaki and Kitamiya at Sunny Voyage 2022 on September 30th.


Takashi Sugiura & Satoshi Kojima vs Shuhei Taniguchi & Yoshiki Inamura

Kojima and Sugiura teaming up here was a little out of the blue, but it actually makes for a quite surprising tag team here. Kojima kicked things off against Taniguchi. Both men grapple for control leading to a stale mate between both competitors. Inamura and Sugiura make the tags to become the legal participants.

Inamura has the strength advantage but Sugi is able to gain control of the match. It didn’t take long though for things to break down. One accidental boot to Kojima from Sugiura and all 4 men are in the ring, with Inamura and Taniguchi taking control of the match, but not for long

One big lariat from Kojima on Inamura later and it is over.


WINNER: Satoshi Kojima & Takeshi Sugiura


Dragon Bane vs Alpha Wolf

This was as a Lucha Libre as you would expect from these 2 brothers. Tilt-a-Whirls- DDTs, even a dive from the top turnbuckle, over the barricade and to the floor.

All match both men were back and fourth until Dragon Bane was able to outsmart Alpha Wolf with a devastating Poisonrana for the win.

WINNER: Dragon Bane


Naomichi Marufuji, Go Shiozaki, Masato Tanaka & Masaaki Mochizuki vs Kazuyuki Fujita, Kendo Kashin,  Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. & Timothy Thatcher

Kendo Kashin (with an Inoki Genome Federation tattoo on his chest this time) started out against Marufuji before tagging in Timothy Thatcher. These two never faced each other until now, so its interesting and fun to see these two exchange holds. Shiozaki and Wagner tag in. After a good exchanged and feeling each other out, Wagner is able to make the tag to Fujita, who goes to town wearing down Go’s Body, but Shiozaki is able to get Mochizuki in, only to fall to Wagner, then Kashin. Wagner becomes legal once again.

Once Tanaka is able to get into the match, things begin to pick up a little. Taking Fujita’s attacks and deliver a Super-Plex. Marufuji makes the tag for his team as Wagner becomes legal for his, changing chops with the Genius of the Ark, matching Marufuji. They both make their tags to Thatcher and Mochizuki, delivering blow for blow until Mochizuki makes the tag to Shiozaki.

15 minutes into the match Go Shiozaki’s right arm starts to become the target of Thatcher’s onslaught, thanks in part to a distraction by Kashin. A lariat and Go Flasher aren’t enough to keep Shiozaki down, but a Kimura, followed up by a Fujiwara armbar onto Go’s right arm are more then enough to make Go Shiozaki tap out.

WINNER: Timothy Thatcher, Kendo Kashin, Hijo del Dr. Wagner Jr. & Kazuyuki Fujita

Post match, Go Shiozaki is rushed to the back, in severe pain, later on finding out that Go Shiozaki suffered an injury and will be out of action and will undergo a full examination of the injured arm to formulate a treatment.



Yoshinari Ogawa & Chris Ridgeway vs Eita & Kotaro Suzuki
GHC Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship

The champions, Ogawa and Ridgeway of Stinger, head into this match looking to retain the gold in their first title defense. Kotaro Suzuki and Eita of Perros Del Mal de Japon want to send a message by taking the gold off the current champions.

Dirty tactics from Ogawa, exposed turnbuckles and more, its expected when taking on a legend like him, and with Ridgeway in his corner it looked like they were unstoppable. The match was mostly Ogawa and Ridgeway dominating Eita, picking apart his left leg/knee, until the ref is distracted by Kotaro Suzuki, leaving Eita a chance to comeback and go below the belt with a few shots on both Ridgeway and Ogawa.
At this point the match has swung back to a more even playing field as Kotaro Suzuki started to even the playing field. But it wouldn’t be enough

During the final stretch of the match, Eita’s leg just couldn’t take the punishment anymore which ended up costing him a chance to save Kotaro Suzuki from being pinned by Ridgeway. Stinger picks up a victory here tonight and retains the gold.

WINNER: Yoshinari Ogawa and Chris Ridgeway

Post match, Atsushi Kotoge and Seiki Yoshioka make their way into the ring to issue a challenge to GHC Jr Heavyweight champions, only for them to get beaten up for daring to do so.

Kenoh, Manabu Soya & Tadasuke vs The Great Muta & Great O’Khan & NOSAWA Rongai

The crowd in Osaka were waiting for this one to begin as soon as the legend and bona fide Hall of Famer, The Great Muta, appeared on stage. Fans of all ages have shown up to show their love and support to The Great Muta. This was also the first of two retirement matches for Muta, with the first one being the place where Muta was birthed from the Underworld, Osaka.

The match is fast paced but slower when Muta is in the ring, but even if he has gotten up there in age, Muta can still put on a show.
O’Khan stats off with Kenoh and within a minute, Great O-Khan moves to the floor daring Kenoh to face him outside the ring, but Kenoh refuses. O-Khan moves to the GHC championship picking it up and tossing it to the floor, baiting Kenoh into an angered state.

Muta is tagged in, followed by Soya which eventually leads to a test of strength, and a shoulder tackle, sending Muta to the outside looking for a weapon to no avail. Muta re-enters the ring tagging in NOSAWA.

Things don’t go NOSAWA’s way as KONGO beats him down, 3-on-1. Tadasuke becomes the legal man for Kongo, but NOSAWA is able to regain control, sending Tadasuke to the floor for O-Khan to kick him apart. Back into the ring, Tadasuke continues to get worked over by O-Khan. Muta makes the tag and delivers a flashing Elbow to Tadasuke before throwing him to the floor again, working him over in the guard rail. Back in the ring again, Muta tags in NOSAWA.

A good counter gives Tadasuke a chance to take in Kenoh, but NOSAWA tags in Muta, but after taking the double knees to the mid section, Muta tags in O’Khan.

From here on, O’Khan is able to come back from the punishment all 3 men of Kongo are able to deliver separately, until Kenoh is able to make a save with his Kendo Stick. Fed up with everything, Kenoh asked Ohara (who is at ringside) for his lighter fluid and lighter, as he aims to flame kick O-Khan back to NJPW, only for Muta to walk up to his side and throw a fireball into his face. Soya, tries to make the save by using the kendo stick that Kenoh dropped but he gets hit with the red mist in his eyes. Tadasuke pop up for a moment but is hit with a Shining Wizard from both NOSAWA and Muta to pick up the victory!

WINNER: Great O’Khan, NOSAWA Rongai and Great Muta

Post match though, The Great Muta left a parting gift for his tag team partner, the Great O-Khan. A shot of Green Mist to the face.

Hideki Suzuki vs Kaito Kiyomiya
N-1 VICTORY 2022 Grand Final

This men told a wonderful story in the span of 33 minutes and nothing written here can do this match justice.

Hideki Suzuki was able to power though this tournament with his skills as a wrestler, while Kiyomiya finding himself and improving a ton with each match in the N-1.

Both men are back in fourth throughout this whole match, from catch wrestling, to suplexes, to strikes. Just when you think they can’t push it to another level, they seem to find away.

At one point, just when Kiyomiya thinks he is able to gome back against Suzuki’s onslaught on the apron, Hideki Suzuki delivers a vicious Back Suplex on the ring apron, before sending the 26 year old back into the ring. out of nowhere though, Kiyomiya is able to hit his Tiger Suplex on Hideki Suzuki for a 2 count. Kiyomiya, full of fire, and fighting spirit, takes it to Suzuki with two modified step up shining wizards for the win.

If you haven’t seen this match, seek it out.


WINNER: Kaito Kiyomiya