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Goddess of Stardom Tag League Tournament Preview

2 years ago

Goddess of Stardom Tag League Tournament Preview

Goddess of Stardom Tag League Tournament Preview

By: Trent Breward

STARDOM’s best might have just spent two months in the marathon that was the 5 Star Grand Prix, but now a new tournament awaits them. The Goddess of Stardom Tag League is the proving ground for tag teams, and the perfect chance to end the year on a high note. Legendary teams like Thunder Rock and Dream Shine have etched their names into the record books, and now new and experienced teams alike have the chance to add themselves to that elusive list.

The tournament will start October 23rd and run through until the final on December 4th. Two blocks separate the sixteen teams, with the winners of each side competing in the final to win a set of rings and a shot at the titles. Two points are awarded for each win and one for a draw.

*Note that as of the time of publishing the second half of the tournament schedule has not been announced. Therefore some recommended matches do not have a set date as of yet.

Red Goddess Block

Mai Fair Lady

  • Mai Sakurai and Lady C
  • Representing: Donna Del Mondo and Queen’s Quest

The classic ‘odd couple’ pairing for the tournament with two members of opposing factions. They’ve teamed together a grand total of one time before in a losing effort to Saki Kashima and Fukigen Death, but both have improved since then. Mai in particular has been one of the most improved wrestlers of 2022, but it’s still going to be a tough road ahead for this inexperienced team. Even if they don’t win a lot of matches, their bickering should provide plenty of entertainment, and they also win the award for ‘Best Team Name’.

  • Match to watch: Vs Giulia and Thekla (11/6)

Karate Brave

  • Syuri and Tomoka Inaba
  • Representing: God’s Eye

Tomoka Inaba might still be signed to JTO, but she’s recently come under the God’s Eye banner and now has the World of Stardom Champion Syuri as her mentor. Inaba has looked great in her STARDOM showings so far, and now she’ll get extended time learning alongside perhaps the ideal version of her future. Expect the kicks to be flying with this team, who tapped into their Karate Brave moniker by performing some martial arts forms at the press conference.

  • Match to watch: Vs Utami Hayashishita and Saya Kamitani (TBD)

Peach Rock

  • Mayu Iwatani and Momo Kohgo
  • Representing: STARS
  • Mayu Iwatani is a former Goddess of Stardom Tag League winner (with Io Shirai in 2015)

The STARS pairings for this tournament seemed set in stone for months now, and both Mayu and Momo have been working on their tag team chemistry and moves during that time. Kohgo is essentially living her dream by getting the chance to team with The Icon, but she’s also determined to make the team a successful one. She was a last minute replacement for Thekla in the 5 Star GP, and while she didn’t win a lot of matches the experience alone was worth the punishment she took. If nothing else, the time spent alongside Mayu will be invaluable as she continues her push to get the starring role in her tag partner’s upcoming movie.

  • Match to watch: Vs Starlight Kid and Momo Watanabe (11/6)

Mafia Bella

  • Giulia and Thekla
  • Representing: Donna Del Mondo

It will be nearly five months since Thekla has wrestled when the duo has their first tournament match. Forced to miss the 5 Star Grand Prix after suffering an arm injury in her unsuccessful High Speed Title challenge, the Austrian has been watching and waiting for the chance to get back in the ring. The former Ice Ribbon pair share a bond that goes back longer than nearly every other team, which should serve as a great advantage – provided Giulia’s focus is not completely on her upcoming World of Stardom Title match in December.

  • Match to watch: Vs Syuri and Tomoka Inaba (11/5)

Black Desire

  • Starlight Kid and Momo Watanabe
  • Representing: Oedo Tai
  • Former Goddess of Stardom Tag Team Champions
  • Momo Watanabe is a former 2 time Goddess of Stardom Tag League winner (with Utami Hayashishita in 2018 and AZM in 2020)

The Black Desire pairing have been working together for the entire year, either as a duo or with Saki Kashima as the Artist of Stardom Champions. That alone makes them one of the most dangerous teams in the tournament. However they also have the added motivation of making up for a very short first Tag Title reign after they traded the belts back and forth with FWC. Winning the tournament would go a long way to reminding everyone just how good this pairing is. They could even find themselves as champions before the tournament is even half way through – as they challenge for the belts in Hiroshima on November 3rd.

  • Match to watch: Vs Utami Hayashishita and Saya Kamitani (11/12)

We Love ToSpo

  • Saki Kashima vs Fukigen Death
  • Representing: Oedo Tai
  • 2nd Tournament Appearance Together

They won’t be favourites to win the tournament, but this is the ultimate upset pairing. Both Saki and Fukigen are among the deadliest flash pin artists in STARDOM, and will take every advantage in the book be it legal or otherwise. They’ll bring a lot of comedy, but both are more than adept once the bell rings. Saki Kashima once again finds herself in the same group as Syuri despite her constant requests to be separated, so now she once more has to fear for her life. At least she can send the clown out in front of her.

Time will tell if their name can get them a cover shot in an issue of Tokyo Sports magazine.

  • Match to watch: Vs Syuri and Tomoka Inaba (TBD)


  • Tam Nakano and Natsupoi
  • Representing: Cosmic Angels
  • Current Goddess of Stardom Tag Team Champions
  • Tam Nakano is a former Goddess of Stardom Tag League Champion (With Arisa Hoshiki in 2019)

No team will have a target on their backs like Meltear. The rules are simple: beat the champs and you have a case to make for a title match. If you aren’t able to win the tournament, this is the next best thing.

Tam and Natsupoi will welcome the challenge though. They’re intent on proving themselves the top team in STARDOM, and winning the tournament as the champions will go a long way to proving that. So far the only problem this team has faced is in deciding on a team name, and even that seems to have been cleared up. They’re intent on bringing forth a revolution and this is the next step.

  • Match to watch: Vs Giulia and Thekla (10/23)


  • Utami Hayashishita and Saya Kamitani
  • Representing: Queen’s Quest
  • 3rd Tournament Appearance Together
  • Former Goddess of Stardom Tag Team Champions
  • Utami Hayashishita is a former Goddess of Stardom Tag League winner (with Momo Watanabe in 2018)

AphroditE has to be among the odds on favorites to win the Goddess of Stardom Tag League. Utami and Saya have been teaming extensively since the latter joined Queen’s Quest at the start of 2020, and have also held the Tag Titles together. That was two years ago, and since then both wrestlers have gone on the hold the World and Wonder of Stardom Championships respectively. They’re two of the very best whether wrestling individually or as a team, and with their experience and mixture of speed and power AproditE are a real threat in this tournament.

  • Match to watch: Vs Tam Nakano and Natsupoi (TBD)

The Goddess of Stardom Tag League lineup at the press conference (Not pictured: Meltear and Fukigen Death) Credit: STARDOM

Blue Goddess Block

New Eras

  • MIRAI and Ami Sourei
  • Representing: God’s Eye

Both MIRAI and Ami might have both made their STARDOM debuts this year, but no time has been wasted as together they’ve already challenged for the Goddess of Stardom Titles three times. The titles have eluded them, but they’ve gotten closer with each attempt and the experience will be crucial in this tournament. As one of the physically strongest teams in the tournament expect them to try and bully their opponents into submission and keep the momentum going from their strong individual performances in the 5 Star GP. Ami Sourei just won her first ever championship after claiming the Future of Stardom Championship from Hanan, so she’ll be riding high heading into the tournament.

  • Match to watch: Vs MaiHime (TBD) – A battle between the two most powerful teams in Stardom.

KaWild Venus

  • Mina Shirakawa and SAKI
  • Representing: Cosmic Angels

The alliance between the Cosmic Angels and the Freelance Colors outfit receives a further boost as SAKI got her wish to team with a Mina Shirakawa who has elevated her stock substantially since the 5 Star GP. Mina has become accustomed to teaming with the exuberant Unagi Sayaka, but the steadying influence of a veteran like SAKI might help to unlock another side of herself here. It’s been a year of highs and lows for the Cosmic Angels, but a strong showing in this tournament would be the perfect way to end the year on a positive.

  • Match to watch: Vs Maika and Himeka (TBD)


  • Hanan and Saya Iida
  • Representing: STARS
  • 2nd Tournament Appearance Together

Saya Iida’s ACL injury meant that the pairing had to miss a year, but now they’re back and looking to improve on the single victory they managed in the 2020 tournament. Hanan’s improvement since then is undeniable. She has blossomed into an up and coming star and broke records with her Future of Stardom Championship reign. Competing against the very best in STARDOM is another challenge though, and they both found themselves at the bottom of their 5 STAR GP blocks. Hopefully their friendship and chemistry can help them rise the ranks a bit more as a team in 2022.

  • Match to watch: Vs Hazuki and Koguma (11/23)


  • AZM and Miyu Amasaki
  • Representing: Queen’s Quest
  • AZM is a former Goddess of Stardom Tag League winner (with Momo Watanabe in 2020)

They are easily the youngest team in the tournament (02 Line is a direct reference to them both being born in 2002), but AZM is still one of the most experienced wrestlers and knows what it takes to win the tournament. Doing so with rookie Miyu Amasaki will be far more difficult than when she was teaming with Momo Watanabe however. Miyu has been given chances to shine but is still very much learning her craft, so getting extended time learning from AZM and wrestling against a variety of opponents will do wonders for her growth.

  • Match to watch: Vs Hazuki and Koguma (10/30)

Fukuoka Double Crazy (FWC)

  • Hazuki and Koguma
  • Representing: STARS
  • 2nd Tournament Appearance Together
  • 2021 Goddess of Stardom Tag League winners
  • Former 2 time Goddess of Stardom Tag Team Champions

No team has ever won this tournament more than once, but FWC have the chance to go back to back and try and win the Tag Titles three times in 2022. Hazuki will still be wondering how she let the 5 Star GP slip through her fingers after dropping five straight matches, but she’ll feel right at home alongside her long time friend Koguma. These two have a special chemistry and can throw a lot of different styles at their opposition, and they’ll need it if they’re going to create history.

  • Match to watch: Vs Nanae Takahashi and Yuu (10/23)


  • Maika and Himeka
  • Representing: Donna Del Mondo
  • Former Goddess of Stardom Tag Team Champions

It seems hard to believe, but despite this being the third entry into the tournament for both Maika and Himeka, they’ve never entered as a pair. Previous years saw Donna Del Mondo mixing up their pairings, but after a tumultuous year the decision has been made to enter their long term pairings. The MaiHime team have to be considered one of the favorites, with undeniable physical power and chemistry as well championship experience. Their bond seems as strong as ever, even if Himeka still seems somewhat confused by Maika forcing matching rings on her. If MaiHime don’t win their block they’ll at least be in strong contention.

  • Match to watch: Vs Hazuki and Koguma (TBD)

7 Upp

  • Nanae Takahashi and Yuu
  • Representing: Neo Stardom Army
  • Nanae Takahashi is a former Goddess of Stardom Tag League winner (with KAIRI in 2014)

7 Up have to be considered the biggest wildcard team in the tournament. The Neo Stardom Army made themselves officially known at Stardom in Showcase Vol.2 last month, and this duo were technically the first to announce their intention of joining the tournament. Nanae and Yuu should make an incredibly dangerous pairing and bring a wealth of tag team success from previous teams. They’ll be looking to make a statement on behalf of their new faction, but have also painted a big target on their backs by calling the STARDOM roster soft. If nothing else, everyone will love the chance to get a win over the first ever World of Stardom Champion Nanae.

  • Match to watch: Vs MIRAI and Ami Sourei (11/5)


  • Natsuko Tora and Ruaka
  • Representing: Oedo Tai

Natsuko Tora spent over a year on the injury list, but she never left Oedo Tai’s side. The leader of the motley crew of renegades kept a close eye on her team, but was particularly impressed by young Ruaka’s growth and seems keen to continue to help guide her. The question will be just how much ring rust does Tora have entering the tournament? If she has to work herself back into form it might be a tough first few matches, but the last time we saw Tora she was in the main event challenging for the World of Stardom Championship. It would serve everyone well to have not forgotten how dangerous she is.

Match to watch: Vs Nanae Takahashi and Yuu (TBD)– Ruaka hasn’t been afraid to step up to outsiders, and these two teams were already trading barbs at the press conference.