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AWG ACTwrestling at Shin-Kiba 1st RING Review – 2.25.24

4 months ago

AWG ACTwrestling at Shin-Kiba 1st RING Review – 2.25.24

By: Jeff Brown

Actwres girl’z was at Shinkiba 1st RING, headlined by Mari vs. Misa Matsui for the AWG Single Title. This show was originally planned for 2/9, but due to the death of Asahi, it was moved to 2/25. There were only three other matches on this card, as the final of the show was a tribute video to Asahi.

The previous show on 2/21 was the company’s first since the untimely passing, and that began with a long moment of silence. The main takeaway was that Miku lost the hairstyle match to Kyoka and got her cut and restyled. It was a big departure from the traditional hair vs. hair outcome, with Miku asking Kyoka if she understood the purpose of the match. Naru had a fight against Maru, which Maru won with a stretch muffler after working Naru’s leg with a chain. Act was paired with Erina Yamanaka from Best Body Japan, who continues to have great chemistry with Nagisa as they squared off in a chop battle.

Natsuki was Nagisa’s partner before Erina pinned Nagisa. Marino is getting better and better; she was teamed with Bulldozer and KIRA★AN , and their opponents, the Royal had a strong outing, especially Goto, who is also making big improvements. The main event is where Kanamic teamed with Misa against CHIAKI and Mari. Kanamic had the performance of her career, and got her mouth busted open. Mari and Misa had a preview of their title match. Misa used a version of the code red to get the win, which was dedicated to Asahi. That sets the stage for this show on 2/25.

The Royal (Kouki, Chika Goto) vs. Update+ (Asako Mia and Sakura Mizushima)

This was a classic David vs. Goliath template, as Kouki and Goto are much taller than the majority of the locker room. Mizushima showed her determination, and Asako did Asako stuff, which is comedy. Kouki seems a bit lost lately, but that could be because Goto is really finding herself in matches. Goto is using her size to her advantage now; she even threw Asako to break up a pin from Mizushima. Goto hits an attitude adjustment on Asako and then follows up with a lariat for the pin. Goto calls out Ayano and wants to face off.

BE∀STZ REBELLION (CHIAKI and Nene Arahata) vs. Kanamic and Miku Aono

Kanamic stated on the last show that she wants to be the future of AWG, which is why she wanted to be with Miku the Ace. Nene was extra vicious, and her CHIAKI are working well together after they fought at the Beast Rebellion Produce last month. Kanamic is bringing all types of fire to her matches now and is light years ahead of where she was in early 2023. Miku continues to be one of the best going today, and her kicks are still thunderous. Kanamic gets a rollup on Nene for a bit of an upset win.

Allen announced that she is leaving at the end of March.

BE∀STZ REBELLION (ACT, Riko Fukunaga, Ayano Irie) vs. Jadoshu (Kyoka Iwai, Bulldozer Todoroki, MARU)

The two heel units went at it, and the things almost immediately went to the outside. Jadoshu stacked up all three BE∀STZ REBELLION members on the stage. Back in the ring, Act was fired up and really giving it her all. Things really broke down for good with 3 separate fights across Shinkiba. Maru in the ring tapped out Riko with a stretch muffle as Act and Ayano were unable to break it up. They began a post-fight skirmish, so the feud will continue.

AWG Single Title Match – Mari (c) vs. Misa Matsui

Like the previous match, this one goes right to the floor, and Mari bodyslams Misa into the chairs. Misa recovers and ends up hitting a crossbody on the floor. Back in the ring, Mari gets the advantage and turns into a ground game. They stand up, and things escalate into an all-out war, with neither wanting to give. Misa then hits a missile dropkick from all four corners, yelling out Teppen each time. Mari gets her foot on the rope at the last second. With more big moves from Misa that Mari keeps kicking out of, Mari gets the upper hand and hits a fireman carry slam for the win. This is a highly recommended match and was to be expected with these two.

They showed a video package for Asahi that starts with her debut in 2017 against Manami Toyato in Ice Ribbon. It shows both of her ICExIfinity challenges, her showing up in AWG, joining the company, then joining Teppen, her AWG title challenge, and then her final match at the BE∀STZ REBELLION Produce show. It was a moving tribute and hopefully gives everyone involved some much needed closure. AWG, in light of a tragedy, has put on two really good shows and is moving forward into 2024.