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ACTwrestling in Korakuen Hall Review – 10.30.22

2 years ago

ACTwrestling in Korakuen Hall Review – 10.30.22

By: Abid Chowdhury

710 fans visited Korakuen Hall on October 30th, thrilled by a resurgent ACT Yasukawa, where Actrwez girl’Z has quietly made waves and begun to enjoy more drawing power. The two hour event comes after their last show, ACTwrestling in Osaka and found stories adding new chapters — with the main event putting fans on the edge of their seats with a 15 minute bout of near falls and surprises.

On October 3rd, Wild Bunny, a character that ACT Yasukawa performs as, was in a 3 way match against Maru and Kyoka Iwai. After the match, Maru tried ripping off Wild Bunny’s mask, but was refrained from other members of the roster.

Maru tries to rip off Wild Bunny’s mask.

Later on during the main event, Ayano Irie and Nene Arahata faced off against Natsuki and Nagisa Shiotsuki. Towards the end of the match, Natsuki was getting ready to dive off the top rope, but Riko Fukunaga who was outside of the ring, held her leg preventing her from doing so. Ayano took advantage of the distraction and pinned Natsuki for the 3 count. Nene Arahata came back into the ring wondering about the change in Ayano. For the first time in Ayano’s career, she was no longer smiling like she used to, she was displaying a different edge. Riko came into the ring and spoke to Natsuki after betraying her. She is looking to rival Natsuki. She is going to fight alongside Ayano and another person. She called for that person to come to the ring. The music plays, and ACT Yasukawa made her return sporting a new look, wearing a blindfold while she walked to the ring. ACT mentioned the forming of a new unit, “BE∀STZ REBELLION” (Beastz Rebellion). Ayano, ACT, and Riko called out the overall friendly nature of the past ACTWrestling shows. They mentioned they were no longer going to play nice and were no longer going to play by the rules.

Actwres girl’Z first unit, Beastz Rebellion, is formed.

ACT grabbed a microphone and would thank MARU for what she did with “Wild Bunny”, it awakened ACT. Afterwards she proposed a challenge to Maru, a tag match at Korakuen Hall. ACT and Ayano vs MARU and a partner of her choosing. 2 weeks later on October 23, at ACTWrestling’s show in Osaka, MARU found a partner. It was after her tag match teaming with Allen against Kyoka Iwai and Nagisa Shiotsuki. Yasukawa along with Ayano came to the ring taunting MARU and asking who MARU had selected as her tag partner for their tag match at Korakuen Hall. As MARU was thinking about who her partner would be, Kyoka Iwai suddenly screamed out to MARU requesting to tag with her against ACT and Ayano. MARU asked the fans in attendance for their opinion, the fans agreed, and MARU named Kyoka as her tag partner. This made the match official: On October 30th, ACT Yasukawa and Ayano Irie would take on MARU and Kyoka Iwai at Korakuen Hall.

Actwres girl’Z opened Korakuen Hall with a 6 women tag match, featuring two debuts: CatMask Calico and Kanamic, who were on opposite teams. It was Chika Goto, CatMask Calico, and Sakura Mizushima vs Naru, Kanamic, and Naho Yamada.
This was a fun match to kick off Korakuen Hall. Both sides were evenly matched. Both teams featured rookies making their debut, and everyone got to shine here. The final sequence between Naho Yamada and Sakura Mizushima was nice. Sakura rebounded off the ropes into a cartwheel cross body onto Naho. As Sakura went for a cross body off the top rope, Naho dodged, and she rebounded off the ropes into a flipping bulldog. Naho pinned Sakura at 9 minutes and 49 seconds.

Originally Allen was supposed to be in the second match, however Natsuki who was going to compete later on in the night, broke her finger training a day before her match. Natsuki was going to face Misa Matsui, now switched spots with Allen.

Like the previous Korakuen Hall show taking place on August 12th. Saki Kisaki and Moyoko Todoroki brought their teams to war. The second match is a 4 on 3 handicap match. Asako Mia, Rensan, Haruka Ishikawa, and Natsuki with Moyoko Todoroki vs Koara Fujimoto, Nagisa Shiotsuki, and the debut of Kira☆An. Although Kira☆An was making her AWG debut, she has wrestled before as a freelancer/free agent.
Saki’s team came out with toy guns. While Moyoko came wearing a pumpkin costume.

This was a quick match with lots of comedy elements. Like the previous match, everyone got to shine within this match. A funny sequence happened 2 minutes within the match, as Natsuki tried to rebound off the ropes, Saki Kisaki’s team held her in the ropes. As Koara Fujimoto tried to take advantage of this distraction from her team, she tried to rebound off the ropes, Moyoko Todoroki’s team held her between the ropes. Asako Mia from Todoroki’s team enters the ring and steps to the center, she trid to play the peacemaker, urging both teams to let go of one another. As, Moyoko’s team lets go of Koara. Saki’s team didn’t let go of Natsuki, and Koara took advantage, delivering a dropkick to Natsuki.

Despite breaking her finger, and not being able to use one hand, AWG’s rising star Natsuki held her own, delivering numerous high kicks to the midsection of Koara. However, she was at a disadvantage. Koara countered Natsuki’s kick, and drops toeholds her into a submission. Around the five minute mark, Kira☆An stepped into the ring and delivered a series of kicks. A kick to the back of Rensan, followed by a leg submission. Haruka Ishikawa came into the ring to break the submission, and then was roundhouse kicked by Kira☆An. The match came to an end when Nagisa Shiotsuki pinned Asako Mia via a body slam at 9 minutes and 10 minutes.

The following contest was supposed to be a high profile singles match between AWG prodigy Misa Matsui against the future of AWG in Natsuki. However, as mentioned earlier, Natsuki broke her finger training a day before her match. So, Allen took her place within the match. This changed everything as Misa was prepared to face Natsuki, and was now facing Allen. This was a huge opportunity for Allen to showcase her talent and to see how much she’s grown since making her debut this year.

Allen entered the ring, focused as ever. Normally smiling while coming to the ring with her umbrella. This time, she was focused as one can be. Misa came to the ring, cool and calm collected. Allen takes Misa for a surprise by drop kicking her when her guard was down at the start of the bell. Allen knew this was a huge opportunity for her, to showcase how much she’s grown within this year. However, that opening drop kick took a lot out of Allen early on. Misa delivered a drop kick to Allen when she was trapped between the ropes. Having her trapped in a submission and stepping on Allen’s back. Taunting Allen, and urging the fans at Korakuen to chant for Allen. Allen got back up, delivering stiff forearms to the chest of Misa, but Misa was completely unfazed by these forearms. Allen countered Misa’s fisherman suplex into a rollup pin. After the kickout, Allen delivered a nice Enzuigiri only to get a two count. Misa would then dominate the match, setting up her finisher with a diving foot stomp off the top rope. Allen kicked out to the shock of Misa. Allen was not going to give up and lose that easily. Matsui picked up Allen and pinned her at 8 minutes and 15 seconds via her “Cute driver”. After the match, while Allen was lying down in the ring, Misa went over to her and talked to her. Matsui was showing respect to her opponent. Natsuki, who was outside of the ring, came into the ring to help Allen, assisted her as they both walked out of the ring and were praised by the fans at Korakuen Hall.

The fourth match was a tag match, Kouki, Nene Arahata, and AWG veteran Mari vs AWG veteran Mii, Marino Saihara, and CHIAKI. Mii and her team came with teddy bears, while Mari led her team into battle. Kouki and CHIAKI started the match, being two of the rising stars that AWG had on their roster. They had a nice back and forth sequence, ending in a stalemate. They tagged in their partners, CHIAKI tagged in Marino Saihara while Kouki tagged in Nene Arahata. Marino tried getting any form of offense on Arahata, but Arahata’s strength was too much for her to handle. There was a funny moment that happened as Marino was getting ready to show her new move, in which Arahata pushed her out of the way. Arahata just stares at Marino for about five seconds, resulting in the fans at Korakuen Hall laughing. After this, both teams entered the ring. Kouki had a boston crab submission locked onto Chiaki, Arahata had a torture rack on Marino, and Mari had a submission as well locked onto Mii.

Everyone left the ring, and they went back to their corners. Arahata did a body slam to Marino, and said to Korakuen, let’s do it again. Marino countered Arahata’s second body slam attempt into a judo throw. She then tagged in Mii, who had her teddy bear in hand. Mii is well known for her shenanigans, while the referee was distracted, Mii hit her opponents with her teddy bear and used it as a weapon. Likewise here, hitting Arahata with her teddy bear, and then she handed the bear to Arahata while delivering a dropkick to her. In another moment after celebrating about doing the dropkick to Arahata, she casually walked over to her stuffed animal and she kicked it to the outside resulting in the fans at Korakuen laughing. Arahata tagged in Kouki, and Kouki went on the offensive with a series of big boot kicks. Mii and Kouki traded sequences, and then Kouki tagged in Mari. Mari and CHIAKI traded sequences with each other. CHIAKI hit a nice spear. CHIAKI irish whipped her opponent into the corner, resulting in Mari countering into a kick and a running side kick. Mii came in and countered Mari’s kick into a spin kick. CHIAKI hit a nice fisherman buster. Throughout the match, both teams showcased their talent within this high octane contest. Mari pinned CHIAKI at 11 minutes and 28 seconds in a great match.

Here we are: The match that had fans buzzing about the show. ACT Yasukawa made her return teaming with Ayano Irie against MARU and her tag partner Kyoka Iwai.

From the opening bell, Ayano and ACT dominated the early few minutes. Not giving Kyoka any breathing room, preventing her from tagging in MARU. ACT placed Kyoka upside down on the ropes and delivered a dropkick. She picked her up and dragged Kyoka to the corner. While the referee urged ACT to move her away from the corner, Kyoka took advantage of the distraction and delivered a forearm to ACT’s chest. Kyoka found the opportunity and tagged in MARU. MARU hit a slingshot body press splash onto ACT. Ayano came into the ring looking for a double team on MARU, however MARU countered their double team and hit a double bulldog. MARU then locked in a stretch muffler submission on ACT. Act tagged in Ayano, and locked in a high angle boston crab submission. MARU escaped, and then went into a corner to do a springboard crossbody off the ropes.. Kyoka tagged in and went on the offensive. Ayano started to show off her new edge, as Kyoka went for a dropkick, Ayano dragged her hair and dropped her to the ground. Placed her boot on Kyoka’s head, dragged her to the corner and placed her boot towards Kyoka’s face.

Both Kyoka and Ayano traded sequences with each other. ACT tagged back in, dominated Kyoka. As Kyoka kicked out of ACT’s pin. Kyoka goes on the offensive, tagged in MARU after delivering a body slam. MARU delivered a diving foot stomp off the top rope, followed by Kyoka off the top rope with a diving knee drop. After ACT kicked out, she got back up and body slammed Kyoka. For the first time in 7-8 years, ACT Yasukawa did one of her signature moves, a swanton bomb off the 2nd rope. ACT submit Kyoka at 12 minutes and 24 seconds via a stretch muffler submission. Highly recommend watching this match. ACT Yasukawa is back, and this reviewer would even say that she looked better than ever.
After the match, ACT grabbed a microphone and started taunting MARU, told her that Kyoka just lost to her stretch muffler submission move. MARU grabbed a microphone and requested a rematch against ACT. Kira☆An stepped into the ring and requested to tag with MARU. MARU asked the fans in Korakuen, what do they think? Upon hearing the fans’ reaction, she agreed to Kira☆An’s request.

ACT Yasukawa upon hearing this, asked who Kira☆An was. Then she called upon Mii, shocking the fans at Korakuen Hall. ACT gave Mii an option of possibly joining her, Ayano, and Riko Fukunaga. ACT announced it will be her and Mii against MARU and Kira☆An on November 10th at ACTWrestling’s show from the Shinkiba 1st ring venue. After she announced the match, she leaft with Ayano and Riko who sat outside of the ring.

Before we get to the main event, I’ll share a small back story of how we got to this match. Long time Stardom fans would recognize Natsumi Showzuki, she retired in 2013 after a spinal injury. She made her return last year in November of 2021, re-debuting. After only having a few matches, it didn’t take long for her to shake off that ring rust. She was now going by the name of Natsumi Sumikawa.

On October 3, 2022 at ACTWrestling’s show in Shinkiba, after Natsumi Sumikawa’s match, she proposed a match to Miku Aono to find out who was going to be the ace of Actwres girl’Z. Miku accepted, and the main event of Korakuen Hall was made official.

Both Natsumi and Miku grappled. Natsumi locked in a fujiwara armbar, and transitioned into a cross armbar. Miku picked up Natsumi while the submission she had was locked in and powerbombed Natsumi, but Natsumi would still have the submission locked in. Both wrestlers are known throughout the roster for having stiff kicks, and they both exchanged kicks. Miku, after seeing Natsumi grab her knee, she took advantage and locked in a submission. Natsumi reached the ropes for a rope break. Miku picked up Natsumi, looked for another kick towards where Natsumi felt her pain.. She catched Miku’s kick, and countered it into a leg submission. Now Miku was in pain just like Natsumi, both wrestlers grabbed their knees. Miku started doing her back kicks to Natsumi, Natsumi then countered Miku’s penalty kick, and she would hit a running knee.

Natsumi then placed Miku on the center ropes, and used a manji gatame submission while Miku was trapped between the ring ropes. Natsumi while picking Miku was looking for a fisherman suplex, Miku countered and hit a short arm lariat. Both wrestlers would trade with each other fisherman suplexes. The referee started the count as both wrestlers were down, both got back up. Miku went for a small package pin, but Natsumi kicked out and hit a spin kick. She would then hit a running somato on Miku, but Miku kicked out.

Both wrestlers would hit each other with their best moves. Natsumi went for her signature diving double knee drop from the rope but Miku kicked out. Natsumi was shocked, she couldn’t believe that her signature move was not enough to get the three count. Natsumi picked up Miku to do her fisherman suplex bridge, but Miku countered it into a butterfly/double-underhook suplex, and Natsumi kicked out. Miku picked her up, she ran towards the ropes and she went for her lariat. Natsumi ducked the first lariat, but Miku rebounded off the ropes and hit a lariat to the back of Natsumi. Miku got back up, ran the ropes to hit another lariat, but only for a two count. Miku was shocked that Natsumi kicked out, not only her double-underhook suplex, but also two lariats. Miku finally pinned Natsumi at 15 minutes and 10 seconds after she hit a backdrop suplex. What a match this was, highly recommend watching this.

After the match, Miku thanked Natsumi for her match. She would then mention wanting the AWG Championship. Ayano Irie comes to the ring and mentions she is also interested in becoming AWG champion. Misa Matsui also mentioned that she wanted the championship, and she looked forward to meeting Miku within the tournament to crown a new AWG champion. Kouki also entered the ring, being interested in the championship. Miku upon hearing everyone, gathered the members of the roster into the ring, and closeed out the show with a group picture saying Actwres girl’Z catchphrase “Be strong, be kind, work hard, Actwres girl’Z”.

Aono says she wants the AWG championship whilst ACT nomiantes Mii to tag with her against Maru and Kira☆An.

This is a great time to be watching Actwres girl’Z. This year alone they have debuted 15+ rookies as well as having Fuka Kakimoto as their advisor, who STARDOM fans would recognise for her time as a ring announcer and general manager. She helps train the talent and helps them grow as performers, giving them opportunities to showcase their talent. Sometime in the future the talent that you see performing here could be the talk of the pro-wrestling world.

Rapid Fire Takeaways:
-In the 1st match, Chika Goto used her power and size to her advantage, using a giant swing on Naho. Naru used a spear on Sakura Mizushima.
-Although Riko Fukunaga is currently injured with a torn ACL, she did have successful surgery recently and is currently rehabbing. However, before her injury was quite the striker and she is a fighter. Doing a series of high kicks, penalty kicks, spin kicks, and roundhouse kicks. Having aligned herself with Ayano Irie and Act Yasukawa, she could be a force to be reckoned with when she makes her return from injury.
-Mii, who is well known for her shenanigans, used her teddy bear as a weapon while the referee was distracted.
-ACT Yasukawa performed a swanton bomb for the first time in 7-8 years in her tag team match.

Match Recommendations:
-Allen vs Misa Matsui
-Mari, Kouki & Nene Arahata vs Mii, CHIAKI & Marino Saihara
-ACT Yasukawa & Ayano Irie vs MARU & Kyoko Iwai
-Natsumi Sumikawa vs Miku Aono

Thank you to the unofficial AWG account on Twitter for helping me out with some information.
You can find their Twitter and website here: /

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