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Actwres girl’Z ACTwrestling at Korakuen Hall – 8.14.23 Review and Results

10 months ago

Actwres girl’Z ACTwrestling at Korakuen Hall – 8.14.23 Review and Results

By: Jeff Brown

The previous Korakuen Hall show saw Miku Aono win the Title Tournament and get a title belt to go along with her role as Ace of AWG. This show had a lot of built-up feuds, including ACT returning to Korakuen and challenging for a title for the first time in years. The Unit Tournament was being decided, and the heel unit Jadoshu was having a power struggle between Kyoka Iwai and leader MARU. There were also debuts and talent returning from injury in front of what is likely AWG’s largest crowd since the reboot of 2022.

Dark Match: Haruka Ishikawa & Mana Yamashita vs. Chii Aoba & Togi Nanami

This was listed as “Match Zero” and was before the opening dance routine. Ishikawa doesn’t appear that regularly for AWG but always puts in a strong effort, and Chii, with only a few matches, has become a very hard striker with lots of passion. Yamashita and Nanami, both making their debuts, had good showings; there wasn’t a lot of ring time, obviously, but neither seemed lost nor nervous. Having a theater background is such a strong point for AWG; their roster on day one has such confidence performing in front of an audience. Ishikawa and Yamashita pick up the win before the show starts with new costumes and choreography.

Six-Man Tag Team Match: Chika Goto, Nagisa Shiotsuki, & Yufa vs. Koara Fujimoto, Marino Saihara, & Nene Arahata

This match was a lot of fun but also bittersweet, as the next day Koara Fujimoto announced her departure from AWG. Marino had just returned from a knee injury, and Nagisa had also only recently returned from a collapsed lung, and both picked up where they had left off in their careers. Arahata was more in her fun-loving pre-BE∀STZ REBELLION character for this match. Goto has improved in the ring, especially since joining The Royal, and Yufa is always an entertaining character who has also been off in recent shows. Goto gets the win over Arahata, who beat her in early July; these two seem to be linked up this summer.

Six-Man Tag Team Match: Mari, Naru, & Yui Tenshoku vs. Allen, Asako Mia, & Rensan

Mari and Naru team together, while Asako and Rensan are always chaotic elements on every card. Allen was the odd woman out, not teaming with The Serpent’s Path, and Yui was making her first appearance. With the help of Mari, Yui Tenshoku hits a Michinoku Driver and pins Allen in her debut match.

Tag Team Match: Jadoshu (Kira An & Kyoka Iwai) vs. Jadoshu (Bulldozer Todoroki & MARU)

Hardcore brawl that was all over the place. Iwai brought a chair to the ring, while MARU brought her signature chain and a ladder, as this was a no rules, no DQ stipulation. Kira An and Bulldozer both had moments to shine and showcase their size and strength. For a bit of comedy, Bulldozer climbed to the top of the ladder and teased diving to the floor. However, MARU took her place and did a double-foot stomp down to Iwai, who was on a table. This was Kyoka Iwai’s strongest match to date, and while she lost the match, it elevated her on this roster. Post-match, Iwai appears to have formed a new partnership with Rensan.


Six-Man Tag Team Match: Beastz Rebellion (Ayano Irie, CHIAKI, & Riko Fukunaga) vs. UPDATE+ (Kanamic, Mii, & Sakura Mizushima)

In her return for Riko after a year off from injury, she came in with her hard strikes for everyone in Update Plus. Mizushima, as always, shined bright with her ability to endure a beating and have great babyface fire. Kanamic had another strong showing as she gracefully glided with high-speed moves. Ayano gets the win and is gaining strength after being eliminated from the Unit Tournament in July.

Unit Tournament Final Match: The Royal (Kouki, Natsuki, & Natsumi Sumikawa) vs. Teppen☆ (Asahi, Misa Matsui, & Naho Yamada)

The semi-main event really lived up to anticipation, with both teams showcasing that they are in the upper echelon of Joshi today. The veteran Natsumi really stood out and once again entered the conversation for wrestler of the year; she has rarely had a misstep since returning to wrestling in late 2021. Asahi lost when Natsumi hit her diving double knees, but this was one of her best outings since her excursion to AWG.

AWG Title Point Match: Miku Aono (c) vs. Act

It was Legend versus Ace for the title, and it delivered on its promise as the main event. ACT has been on a roll over the last few months, bringing some Grade A in-ring performances. Miku is the epitome of a strong fighting champion when factoring in her matches and overall presentation, carrying a company on her shoulders. This had lots of hard kicks, and ACT was visibly bruised on her leg. Miku’s chest and shoulder were red from the beating she endured. The crowd was over 1,000, and a match like this is why everyone bought a ticket. Miku always delivers in main events, and ACT added to her legacy at Korakuen. After an absolute war with each kicking out and refusing to stay down, Miku hoisted ACT up for a Styles Clash and got the pin. Afterwards, ACT called her fellow stablemate Ayano Irie into the ring to be Miku’s next challenger.

After 2 years of rebuilding, this attendance at Korakuen showed some serious growth for the company. Miku spent 2022 as an Ace without a title; March 2023 saw her get a belt. She never faltered in this role. In a crowded wrestling landscape, a smaller company like AWG is constantly moving uphill, but Miku never gave up, even if it felt like her run was shouting into the wind. A growing roster, with the majority being rookies, accomplishing this is not a minor feat. At least domestically, this company has gained attention and, in the coming years, will put its initials alongside the best Joshi has to offer.

Full results

Haruka Ishikawa & Mana Yamashita defeat Chii Aoba & Togi Nanami (8:10)

Chika Goto, Nagisa Shiotsuki & Yufa defeat Koara Fujimoto, Marino Saihara & Nene Arahata (8:26)

Mari, Naru & Yui Tenshoku defeat Allen, Asako Mia & Rensan (9:30)

Jadoshu (Bulldozer Todoroki & MARU) defeat Jadoshu (Kira An & Kyoka Iwai) (13:10)

The Royal (Kouki, Natsuki & Natsumi Sumikawa) defeat Teppen (Asahi, Misa Matsui & Naho Yamada) (15:13)

Miku Aono (c) defeats ACT (16:52)